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Exhibiting Overseas

Exhibitions are spreading far and wide, from outside the UK and sending us all over the world. If you’re lucky enough to be attending an event outside of the UK, you should be prepared for the differences and measures you’ll need to put into place to make sure the tradeshow is a success.

Confirm lead times

Creating artwork and choosing your exhibition stand takes time, but when taking the stand outside of the UK, you’ll require even more time. The additional time isn’t for the print, but for the shipping times.

How long the shipping takes will depend on where in the world you’ll be exhibiting. Factor in time for the print, the shipping, and consider any delays there could be with customs and the obstacles you could face once the stand has left the UK.

Suitable stands

Is now the time to go all singing or dancing with the stand? Possibly but not always practical.

But when it comes to shipping the display stand, an easier way could be to get it delivered to a UK address but then take it on the plane with you. Selecting a stand that can fit into a carry case and has a suitable weight, could be a safe strategy for beating customs and further delays.

Who are your audience?

In the country where the exhibition will take place, who are the target audience and will they be speaking the same language as you.

We’re not suggesting to take up a whole new language as well as plan an event, but it could be useful to take bilingual colleagues who could make the conversations smoother.

If printed materials such as leaflets and brochures will be part of the stand design, think about printing multiple languages based on the crowd you think you’ll attract.

Speak to the venue

You may be used to the exhibiting rules and regulations in the UK, but how does this compare to your chosen destination?

When do you need to set up? How big is the space? Does the space have any limitations? Will the space have power outlets?

There are plenty of questions you’ll want to confirm, make a detailed list and fire them over to the event organizer before any decisions are made.

Plan Your Journey

Once everything is secure with the venue and you’re happy your space is booked and confirmed, you can then make plans for the journey.

Look into flight and hotels, but don’t leave this last minute. Being as close as possible to the exhibition venue would be great, so don’t let the closet options become booked up. Being further away is fine but could ensure more costs getting to and from the venue.

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