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Office Evolution From the 1990’s

The evolution of the office from the 1990’s to the current day is incredible. How the design trends changed and continue to change, the way we work and process information and of course, the upgrade of technology.

If you need a refresh on the 90’s, keep reading!!

The 1990’s Office Space

Looking back to the 1990’s, it’s scary to see how much has changed and how we wouldn’t consider working in that same environment now. Technology evolves year on year, so over 30 years, the computers and systems are extremely advanced.

However, the 90’s was the beginning of the dot com era and the first step into the yet to be developed tech world.

Question – who remembers the fax machine and the noise that came with it?

Fax Machines

Fax machines were a way of sending over documents, by punching in a number and scanning that document to another fax machine, which then printed. At the time, this was revolutionary, but now, almost nonexistent.


A long way from the slim line monitors, the size of the computer was pretty big. With a hefty sized screen and tower to match, it’s fair to say you’d need a big desk to house the ‘new’ tech equipment.


Walking around with a headset wasn’t possible in the 90’s, you’d be attached to your desk with a clunky, corded phone. With no signs of Iphones and smart phones, a desk phone was as fancy as it got!

Floppy Disks

If you don’t know what a floppy disk is, you weren’t about in the 90’s.

A big square data holding facility which made it easy to load information on someone else’s computer, or what we currently know as the memory stick.

The Cubicle Era

Forget the open plan office, and image a large space filled with small cubicles wall to separate each workstation. It was about fitting in as many desks as possible, wall to wall and desk to desk, the space its self was small and just the right size to be able to work in.


In those small cubicles, there wasn’t a lot of space for cabinets and filing systems. It was inevitable that desks and surrounding areas would clutter. Papers, over spilled folders and stacks of documents were part of the normal working day.

Where do we see ourselves now?

Along with advanced technology, office regulations and the constant designs changing, in 2022, the offices are staggeringly different.

Fax machines are few and far between, computers and laptops are smaller than ever, phones are headsets and mobiles for on the go conversations, we’ve swapped the floppy desk for the hard drive or memory stick, confined cubicles are gone and acoustic work pods are fitted and finally, we love a minimal workspace.

Comparing the old with the new, shows how we’re working in opposites. Let’s see how the next 30 changes the office work environment.

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