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Every Type Of Poke Ball In Pokemon GO & What They Do

Pokemon balls from Pokemon GO are vital tools that trainers require to strengthen their teams. They function as home and capture devices which house captured Pokemon. There are five kinds of Pokemon in the game but only three of them are suitable in the majority of situations.

To utilize a poke ball to find more allies for Pokemon GO, trainers will be required to throw the ball at monsters in pocket that show up on their screen when they encounter various types of. The aim of a player will impact the rate of catch for a pokeball but they possess their own unique catch rate statistics.

Poke Ball

Game Description of a Poke Ball

“A device that captures wild Pokemon. It’s like throwing an object at Pokemon and then encapsulates it in a comfortable way to capture the object.”
Information About the Poke Ball

The traditional white and red Poke Ball is the most basic game. At first, players receive 50 Poke Balls as they sign up when they sign up for a new account as well as Poke Balls are rewarded with getting higher levels until the trainer is at level 11.

Great Ball

Game Description of A Great Ball

“A excellent performance, highly-performing Poke Ball that provides a better catch rate than a conventional Poke Ball.”
Concerning The Great Ball

Noteworthy for its blue top half with red tabs, This is the next step up from the standard Poke Balls. Great Balls can increase a player’s chances of capturing wild Pokemon by 50 percent. Once a trainer has reached level 12, they’ll get twenty Great Balls as a reward. Additionally, they’ll unlock the ability to obtain them by spinning Photo Discs or other methods. Players will also be awarded Great Balls upon each level when they reach the level 19.

Ultra Ball

In-Game Description Of An Ultra Ball

“An Ultra-High Performance Poke Ball that provides a more efficient Pokemon capture rates than Great Ball.”
More Information about The Ultra Ball

The ideal device to catch Pokemon The black and yellow Ultra Ball increases the trainer’s chances of getting the new Pokemon by 100%, almost guaranteeing capture. Once they have reached the level 20 players will receive 20 Ultra Balls to use in engaging in the sport. Additionally, they are free for spinning Photo Discs , and many more. Trainers can earn them as bonus points for leveling up until they reach the level of 40.

Master Ball

In-Game Description of The Master Ball

“The top Pokeball with the highest degree of efficiency. It will allow you to get all wild Pokemon without failure.”
More About the Master Ball

At present, it’s not possible to obtain this Master Ball in Pokemon GO. The pink and purple poke ball is present in the game’s database however, it hasn’t been implemented yet. But, as it is known for it’s appearance on the primary line of Pokemon games and the Master Ball will undoubtedly be the ideal tool for catching Pokemon. However, just like the main series the Master Ball will most likely one Master Ball for each player.

Premier Ball

It is the Premier Ball stands out as the only poke ball with no in-game description giving players some background information beyond the information available to its use in main-series games. It can only be used for Raid Challenges to capture Raid Bosses however it is not available after the 5th level.

Premier Balls are the same rate of catch that regular Poke Balls However they are not able to be kept in a trainer’s bag, and then disappear following the Raid Challenge. Players will receive the Premier Balls during the course of a Raid Challenge depending on their performance, with trainers who are more involved in the game receive more.

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