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How Does E-Liquid Break Down When I Vape It?

If you’ve just purchased your very first vape device (or are planning to!) and you’re now in the market to purchase the top vape juice to use with your kit, it could seem a bit daunting and confusing.

There’s plenty of new terms to be learned and a variety of flavours to pick from, but how do you begin? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Swiss E-liquids, and have answered a few of the most frequently asked questions in order to clear few of the confusion.

What’s in E-Liquid?

Electronic Liquid (or vape juice) is made up of three (sometimes three or four) ingredients. Propylene glycol (or PG for short) and the vegetable glycerin (VG) flavouring and, if you prefer it , nicotine. Each ingredient plays a vital role in the vaping experience.

It’s an unodourless liquid that helps to convey the flavor of your vape juice. it also gives you that “throat hit” feel you’d get from traditional cigarettes. Because it has a less dense consistency compared to VG it’s much easier to vaporize too. It’s utilized in products like food enhancers and ice cream to achieve the same goal – to provide the most flavor. It’s a thick, sweet liquid, which is intended to aid in vapour production. It’s also more smooth on the inhale. It is utilized in many different ways including soap, caramel and toothpaste.

The flavorings vary greatly and there’s an enormous variety of flavour combinations that to try including desserts, fruits, tobacco to menthol. Like you’d expect, it’s designed to provide you with an enjoyable experience when you vape.

The last substance is nicotine. This is which is the substance that causes addiction in cigarettes. There are e-liquids that do not contain nicotine if you’re using it solely for the pleasure of smoking, however most those who are making the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping would prefer having nicotine. Its strength contained on the bottle is the amount of nicotine you can get for 1ml of juice.

The Which Nicotine Concentration Should I Pick?

When it comes to deciding Nicotine Strength, it Depends on How Much You Smoked.

Social smokers (who smoke less than once each week) ought to opt for an option with a lower nicotine level like 3mg. This is usually the last option for those who have stopped smoking and do not require much of a dose any more. There is also a zero mg juice if you like the sensation of vaping, but don’t are in a state of craving.

If you’re a light-smoker that is, someone who smokes more than 10 cigarettes per day, we suggest the strength of 6mg. It is to be on the lower side of the spectrum and is suitable for those who love smoking vapes but still need some nic buzz.

A typical smoker who smokes up to a pack per day ought to opt for 12mg of e-liquid which is the ideal way to begin your typical smoking habits as it can help to replace the amount you’d expect from cigarettes that you normally smoke.

For the most serious smokers (more than one pack a day) it is recommended to go with the highest dose at 18mg, or perhaps 24. This is for people who have serious addictions who require an intense dose to gain the right satisfaction from smoking.

It’s crucial to choose the right amount of nicotine so that when you use your vape to aid in quit, you’ll receive enough nicotine to satisfy the cravings while making sure you aren’t getting the effects too strong.

How Do I Choose An E-Liquid Flavour?

The choice of e-liquid flavor is a matter of the individual’s preference, as there are many e-liquid flavors and brands available. In the past, vapers would start with a menthol or tobacco liquid if they were transitioning from smoking cigarettes, therefore the flavor and taste is more familiar. However, increasing numbers of people are beginning with a dessert or fruity flavor instead. Visit one of our vape shops and you’ll have the chance to try several flavors – the main factor to quitting smoking is to find the one you love and like better than the typical flavor of cigarettes. Once you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to create your own recipes, and mix several juices to create your own unique combinations.

There are plenty of inexpensive options for 10ml bottles and you are able to try some at home. When you have found your favorites and you are satisfied, you can purchase the short refill (a larger bottle that contains 0 mg nicotine, which mixes with a nic shot to achieve the desired strength) to save cash.

What is the Blend of Pg/Vg Perform? Which Blend Should I Pick?

Like we said as previously mentioned, the PG is used to transport flavour and the VG is the one that produces clouds. The type of blend you’ll need select is determined by two aspects: the flavor you’re after and the vape device you’re using. If you’re looking for an experience similar to smoking, but with a more powerful the throat, more flavor and less vapour, you’ll want to choose something similar to the 50:50 mix. The type of vape it will work well with is a standard kit that has a coil of 1 ohm or more.

If you’re planning to make clouds big enough to keep out solar eclipses and also have a more gentle throat hit, or aren’t concerned about strong flavor You’ll need to boost your VG content. Choose a ratio of 70VG:30PG and higher (80:20 is also very popular, though you could go until 100%VG). Since VG is heavier and, therefore, more difficult to vaporize and therefore requires an even more powerful and potent vape. Sub-ohm vaping which is where the coils that are used in the kit for vaping have an ohm resistance that is less than one. This will produce huge clouds and power.

How do I choose a Kit to Match the Strength and Ratio I Want?

Returning to the ratio VG/PG, how much VG determines the strength of the vape you’ll require. If you’re just starting out then we suggest a 50/50 ratio between VG and PG when using vape pen or pod starting kit. It’s easy to use and when you’ve gained knowledge, you can experiment with several different combinations to find out the one that works best for your. If you’re looking for a more nicotine content, you’ll prefer an easier kit to ensure you don’t take excessive amounts of nicotine dose in one hit.

If, following a couple of experiences you are looking for a less pronounced throat hit and are more interested in creating a room filled with vapour it is recommended to take a look at a sub-ohm vape kit that has the highest VG liquid. Since VG is a heavier liquid than PG, you’ll require an even more powerful vape in order to create the clouds you want.

What happens to E-Liquid when I vape it?

It is an aerosol not steam. When properly used, it breaks apart into water (the vapour that you inhale) as well as CO2 (which is exhaled in normal breathing). The settings you choose to use your vape the vapour could be cool or slightly warm, but it’s never hot, like smoke from cigarettes.

Can My Vape Liquid Go Off?

When you open a bottle of liquid vape air can enter it and begin to oxidize it. This process, however, is extremely slow, and unless you’re storing your juice for a prolonged period (we’re talking about a whole year here) it’s probably good to go. The color might darken slightly and the taste may turn slightly sweeter but it’s the ones that have a higher nicotine content that are more degraded and lose some power, which means you won’t take as big of an effect from it. To keep it fresh , place it in a safe area far from light and heat and you’ll continue to take pleasure in it for many years. If you’ve got it in your vape but you haven’t used it for some time, you might be able to notice a slight color change as well. The reason is that the fibers of your coil are able to absorb smaller particles faster, while those with darker hues are lost, so the tank might appear slightly darker as time passes.

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