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Wax Melts Are More Convenient Than Candles

#1. Wax Melts are flame-free
It is estimated that the National Fire Protection Association estimated that between 2014 and 2018, candles that caught fire resulted in an estimated $278 million in direct property destruction. Candles with decorative designs are adorable however, the flame that is exposed could catch another object on fire through accidental fire. Although candles require a fire however, warmers for wax melts require electricity. The scented wax melts, tarts or cubes are heated by an electric melt warmer, which usually has one small light bulb or a built-in ceramic heater, which is placed within the warmers. The built-in heater provides only enough to warm the melts or tarts that release their fragrance in just 5-10 minutes!

#2. Wax Melts may have more burn time than candles

A variety of factors can influence the burn time average of candles and the time to burn of melts. The kind of wax, the amount in fragrance oils, the flash point, and the size of the candle or melt can all influence the duration of burn. Some prefer candle melts to candles to reduce their burn time. The average burn time for a 16-oz candle jars can range between 60 and 84 hours. When you multiply the maximum anticipated duration of burn (84 hours) by the amount of ounces (16 oz) this breaks into about 5 hours burned per one ounce. If you look at the 8 Oz. container of Wax Melts that average about 225 hours of burn duration per 8 oz., that is just 28 hours burned per one ounce.

#3. Wax Melts are less expensive than candles

With the help of the best wax melts, you can have almost five times burning time for each ounce you get with a regular candle (see the image above). The typical candle ranges from $18.00 to $20.00 however, it can easily cost up to $50.00 depending on the brand fragrance, scent, as well as the formula. The price for wax melts can vary between $5.00 up to $25.00 dependent on the quantity that is purchased at a time.

If you divide the cost of candles ($20.00) multiplied by the median burning length (60 hours) this means that you’re paying $0.33 per minute of burning time using the typical candle. When you use the exact same calculation for melts of wax the cost of a bag ($15.00) for a bag, divided by the average burned length (225 hours) will mean you’ll pay $0.06 per one hour that burns. This is proof that using melts of wax, you can reduce your expenses by more than 5 times the price!

#4. Paraffin Candles May Contain Benzene

A lot of the major candle brands manufacture their candles using paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is widely employed to create candles since it is typically less expensive to make than soy wax. However, since paraffin wax is made from petroleum it has caused a lot of discussion about the health and safety of this particular wax. In 2009, research conducted by South Carolina State University found that burning paraffin can emit the chemical benzene. If you’re not aware of the potential dangers of exposure to benzene it is important to know that the American Cancer Society classifies benzene as a carcinogen. It is an ingredient that can cause development of cancer.

A lot of wax melting companies have opted to use soy wax in place of. Originated from soybeans soy plant, it is a vegetable-based wax that’s a superior alternative to paraffin wax which is made from petroleum oil. It also creates harmful byproducts when it’s melting or burning.

However, there remain a few wax melting businesses that haven’t made the transition from paraffin to soy. It is recommended to check the ingredient list prior to purchasing!

#5. Wax Melts are more convenient than Candles

Warmers and wax melts are usually permitted to be employed in apartments, offices dormitories and other areas in which candles are not permitted because of their flame. The melting of wax is also loved for parents cautious about being around children who are exposed to a flame.

They’re convenient because they don’t require matches or lighters, and the melts themselves are lightweight and typically come in a sealed container or bag for storage. They come in cubes squares, and various other forms, making them simple to tear apart and move. If you want your home to smell wonderful for long durations you can drop a melt of wax into the warmer that melts wax and put it away! They can last anywhere between 8 hours and two days!

#6. Control Your Scent using Wax Melts

You can manage the intensity of your fragrance by using wax melts since they are available in smaller sizes and shapes that you are able to separate or even add more according to the sensitivity of your scent. Be sure that the total amount of pieces is not greater than 1 oz or you may overfill your warm wax.

#7. Wax Melts Could Contain More Fragrance Loads Than Candles

One of the most frequent questions customers ask is “Are wax melts more durable in comparison to candles?” This led us to conduct an in-house study to compare the average scent load of a candle. the typical fragrance amount of melts made from wax. The majority of candles contain an oil-to-wax ratio one ounce. perfume oil per 16 Oz. from wax in a container fragrance oil to 16 Oz. of wax, which is around 10 percent fragrance load. In our in-house research study of average wax melts’ fragrance oil levels and found that some melts of wax could contain upwards of 11-12 percent fragrance content!

#8. Wax Melts don’t cause soot

If you’re making use of candles with scents, make careful of the soot that they throw out and the effects it has on the air you breathe. In time, candles may cause discoloration of the curtains and walls, and may stain the edges of your furniture. There are also health issues related to smoking soot. It can trigger asthma, bronchitis and respiratory conditions, leading to breathlessness. If the soot gets into the bloodstream, it could be a trigger for heart attack, stroke and cancer.

#9. Wax Melts Could be better for the Earth!

Did you realize that glass is one of the longest-lasting human-made substances? According to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services estimates that it will take one million years to degrade! If you purchase at the very least one candle of 16 oz per month, over the course of a year you could contribute more than 12 lbs. of trash to our national landfills, and that’s just for candle jars! Up to 28 , billion containers of glass are dumped into our country’s waste dumps every year. According to some experts, the glass waste will continue to be discarded for the foreseeable future. The first step towards reducing the amount of glass that ends up in our landfills is to cut down on the amount of glass we purchase beyond what is actually required. Warmers that melt wax are extremely robust, with a single wax melt warmer lasting between 4 and six years on average when properly maintained. If you decide to purchase warmers made of wax, instead of candle jars, then you’ll help save the planet by removing 48 pounds of trash! That’s amazing!

#10. Wax Melting Is Fun!

One advantage of using wax melts instead of candles is the ability to mix the melts or tarts, cubes, or cubes to make custom scents. To accomplish this, ensure that the dimensions of the melts you cut off are similar (or in accordance with the scent you would like more intense) Simply place them in your warmer simultaneously. Once the melts melt are melted, they will mix the two scents. You can also select wax melts made to mix!

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