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Wax Melts – What They Are and How To Use Them?

It is fragrant piece of wax that smells as you’d find in an jar of candles, however, without the flame! To infuse your home with scent, all you need to do is heat up and melt the melt with either an electric or tealight-powered burner.

Wax melts UK are getting increasingly popular and many people now prefer candles over wax melts as the most effective method to ensure that your home smells gorgeous.

How do I Use a Wax Melt

If you are using an electric burner you can place a small piece one or two pieces of preferred wax melt in the area that is dished on the burner. After that, switch on the burner to warmth it and begin melting the candle release the scent and filling the space with a wonderful scent.

Electric burners are great since they’re a smoke-free alternative. Certain wax melt users with children are, for instance, a fan of the electric burners since they are regarded as a more secure alternative.

If you are using a traditional tealight-heated burner (for instance, one that is made of glass, ceramic or steel) it is also possible to place the melt of your wax in the cut-out area, and then warm it from below using the light of a tealight.

In contrast to candles, the wax wax melt won’t go away after you’ve used it. In the end, however the melt will start to smell. In this case it is time to take it off the burner and switch it into a new melt.

There are several methods for removing the old melt of wax out of your stove. The most popular approach is to warm the wax until it cools for about an hour and then it will slide right out. Some prefer to melt the wax and add a few cloth pads, which soak up the wax until it is ready to be removed.

Why You Should Use Candles over Wax Melts over Candles

Wax melts are getting more popular , and with excellent reasons! They are proven to be much less expensive than purchasing candles.

Some people are drawn to intense scents, while others prefer a less pronounced scent. With the help of wax melts, you can regulate the intensity of the scent by using less or more per burner

We recommend two of our melt cubes in a warmer. However, if you want the most subtle scent, or for smaller rooms it is possible to use just one cube. be used.

The wax melts allow you to experiment using different fragrances to make unique scents. To make a mix make sure you select 2 distinct wax melts that have fragrances and melt them simultaneously in the same oven!

There are endless possible combinations of scents that you can experiment with!

Let Your Home smell as if you’re drinking your favorite bottle of Designer Perfume or Shower Gel or even Disinfectant

It’s likely that you have something that has the scent that you cannot take enough of. But, regardless of how you’d like keep it on your shelf, it’s not always secure or efficient to stick your nose in a bottle of your favorite scent item… This is why we’re here!

Imagine getting that freshly cleaned laundry scent of your favorite product for cleaning your clothes, or even your favourite designer perfume all over your house.

We make affordable, handmade wax melts that are a replica of your favorite scents to scent your home, as in a myriad of scents that you can discover. We believe in affordable luxury and building communities, helping people to help others, and creating beautiful homes for all.

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