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13 Reasons Why Every Career-Driven Millennial Should Work At Camp For A Summer

The former Disney Chief Executive Officer, Michael Eisner, summed the situation when he spoke of his time as a summer camp counselor as the most effective leadership education that he’s ever received.

From the outside Many people think of the role of a camp counselor as a continuation of one’s young camper years or a chance to take a “summer away.” They don’t know that working as an experienced camp counselor is one of the most difficult jobs that one can ever do until becoming a parent. It can be a hot day, with endless schedules, kids pushing the limits , and the expectations of following camp rules and guidelines are just the beginning, however, all of that does not compare to the benefits one receives after the summer’s end.

Read the following article to learn the advantages that come with being a counselor at camp. We often think that the job is one of giving, but in reality, it’s an opportunity to receive.

You’re a career-focused individual, but you can’t get the dream job? Do you plan to finish your undergraduate degree but do not have an opening lined up this summer? Do you have a gap in your summer and aren’t sure which job to take?

We believe that interns, and, yes even summer jobs will provide valuable experiences and propel you to your professional goals. Whatever your field of study is, and no matter what your goals for the future are, any career-minded person must spend at least one summer working at an organization or camp.

There are a myriad of kinds of jobs available at various camps across the country There is a good chance to find a position that is suitable for your needs. The job duties at various camps may include:

Activity Staff
Food service
Landscapes and Grounds
Support Staff

There are a lot of benefits when you work at a camp. So, we’ve put together 13 reasons why you should consider camp counselor programs USA this summer.

1. You become an example.

As long as you get the chance to engage with campers, you’ll quickly transform into one of most cool (and more influential) people they will ever meet. Camp counselors are particularly given the ability to make an impact on children because of the time they spend with their children. True bonds can develop at times you would least imagine it to happen be: during the high water dive at the high point of the zip line tubing in the lake or in the cabin at night , when the feeling of home is set in.

2. You can unplug.

In the forests and lakes There’s a chance that you won’t see much WiFi however, you’ll find many natural areas that beg to be unplugged and relax. In the midst of nature, you can relax.
The beauty of nature is the best way to help.

3. Crafts to the fullest.

Never tie dyed a shirt? It’s not a problem. Camp is an excellent opportunity to master (or master) tie-dying techniques Make hundreds of knots, until you have wrists stuffed with friendship bracelets and numerous dream jewelry pieces.

4. Enhance your resume.

With the experience you’ve had while working at a camp, you’ll be able to boast in your CV that you have not only made it through a summer at the camp, but also enjoyed the environment too.

5. You really are a positive influence.

There are many advantages of working at camps, not least making an impact. Take a look at the camp’s Counselor and. The Intern from the New York Times blog.

“What I do in the world is important,” she insisted. In several of her conversations she talked about helping campers deal with her mother’s debilitating depression and comforting other people with parents who were separated or fighting, and about helping young people aged 11 and 12 who were confronting their sexuality and battled anorexia and overcoming body fear. She spoke about the numerous hours spent on water-skiing lessons to help instill confidence in awkward, gawky, and painfully self-conscious children of 8 and 9 years old to remain prone on the water and hold onto the rope, and then get up and remain on their feet while the boat sank away. “What’s most important more than this?” she asked.

I was unable to answer the question since I could not find something more crucial.

6. Get those chacos on.

You can rock the vibrant chacos throughout summer and finish the season with a stunning (terrible?) tan line.

7. Life-long friendships.

In the shortest time from arriving at camp to the start of training sessions for the summer You will be surrounded by amazing individuals. Consider that your colleagues are among the top because they are there. They sacrificed their summer vacation (just as you do) to grow, learn and influence others’ lives too. Friendships that last a lifetime will surely develop when you interact with fellow college students for three whole months.

8. Interview material.

If you’ve spent the summer in camp, you’ll uncover some strengths and weaknesses to share in an interview as well as the stories that you will be able to tell

9. Peer networking.

Some of your colleagues are students in elementary school. In reality, you’ll be surrounded by a myriad of different majors who have accomplished exactly what you did done: sought out an unusual summer job. It’s a great opportunity to extend your network of friends to people who are from across the nation and every aspect of life.

10. Fresh air.

It’s true that the outdoors can provide an atmosphere of peace and recharge. The ability to live your life more relaxed by embracing the early dawn and staying up late in the evening under a night filled with stars can help you more than you could have thought of. A bit of dirt will never hurt anyone, isn’t it? ?

11. You are paid to be insane.

The definitions we use of the word “crazy” may differ and as a member of the staff at the camp, you are able to take part in Wacky Wednesdays, get dressed wild for skits, and be the host of the weekly dance party and truly teach your campers to have fun.

12. You hone your leadership skills.

There are numerous opportunities to develop your leadership abilities by working at a camp since at one time or another, you’ll be expected to be a leader. If you’re leading staff members or a small group of campers You will be looked at for direction and guidance.

13. You’ll learn a lot about your self.

As wonderful as the camp experience can be, it is also difficult. It is possible that you don’t know how to handle situations with campers or your co-counselor during the entire week may not be the best fit with your personality And some days could seem to drag on for a long time. Is it light out yet are you? It’s in those moments that show your true personality shines. You’ll discover a lot about yourself, and towards the close of summer, you will be looking back to be proud of how you have accomplished.

Are you ready to put in the effort, be a part of the solution, improve your resume, be paid and enjoy the best summer ever? Apply to the summer camp of your choice. You will not regret it.

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