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Advantages Of Gaining Construction NVQs

What is a Construction NVQ?

It is a building-related job. Construction NVQs constitute a type of certification that demonstrates the competence of a person. Based on the data they’ve provided, an assessor can determine the competence of the student to perform their task. An NVQ in construction can be obtained at levels 2-7.

Recognized Qualification

It is the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) is recognized nationally as a certification that shows that you’re performing at the standards of industry. The qualification has a strong reputation and is popular with employers both current and prospective and will help you improve your career. They are comparable to other national-recognized qualifications like:

GCSE (grades from A* to C) is equivalent of an NVQ Level 2.

A higher education certificate corresponds to an NVQ Level 4.

The Bachelor’s degree is equivalent to an NVQ Level


Construction offers many different paths that can lead to your dream job. If you decide to choose the right option for you, it will assist you in becoming more skilled in the field you select to progress. The NVQ allows you to gain knowledge about both the theoretical and practical aspects of your job helping you advance your career.

When you are able to find your way up the NVQ levels of your work, you will demonstrate that you are able to move up. Within the particular job each NVQ level has more responsibility.

A good example of progress could be a supervisor on a site who has completed a level 6 NVQ in site management for construction to demonstrate their willingness to advance into the position as a site supervisor.

In The Job Experience

Because of its modular nature, NVQs are a good choice for those who must be skilled and have prior experience. A lot of companies have decided to offer an NVQ to workers who have completed their education, so they can get a good mixture of practical and theoretical knowledge. If you are in a profession the skills you gain by completing your NVQ is likely to lead you to new opportunities and improve your salary in the near future.

A Variety Of Options

There are a variety of NVQs in construction are available for various purposes, including dry lining, plastering cranes, forklift trucks, lifts for specialization, and more.

The NVQs are available at various levels, from 1 to 7 which each is aimed at an individual degree of business knowledge beginning with newcomers and moving up to more advanced qualifications. The variety of NVQs offered allow employees to earn the course that is customized to their specific job and additionally, they can complete various construction NVQs to improve their skills and understanding.

Employer Benefits

Employers who allow their employees to complete qualifications for NVQs will reap various advantages. In particular, it will improve the skills as well as retention rates of workers. Opportunities for training can help in hiring since it shows that it is possible to make progress. The new skills gained by employees will boost their productivity, performance and motivation, which eventually enhances the overall performance of the company. In the end, the more educated and well-trained employees on a job site, the safer the working atmosphere.

Benefits for Employees

Employees will gain by completing construction NVQs and can be trained in accordance with national occupational standards. They are, in particular, acknowledged as legitimate proof of their experience, expertise and proficiency, proving in building projects they perform efficiently and efficiently. Successfully completing the requirements increases motivation and confidence in oneself. The possibility of advancing to higher levels of NVQ courses will encourage employees and ensure they are content with their career.

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