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Pros & Cons of Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes are among the most recognizable brands in UK bookmaking . In this Ladbrokes review, we’ll take a look at the reasons why they’ve been successful for so long, and what they can offer other bookmakers on the internet.

Like many seasoned punters I’ve had an Ladbrokes bet account a few years. I’ve used their betting shops as well as their online site too many times to count , and am pleased to say that I’ve never experienced problems receiving money on winning bets , or keeping my money on the website.

As a business, they continually improve their app and website. The most current edition of their platforms is just as great as the bookies they compete with and loaded with features such as cash out and in-play betting live streaming odds boosts, and much more.

Ladbrokes also have a lot of strength in terms of long-term value due to their ongoing promotions. New customers can enjoy the bet PS5 and receive PS20 with no cost bets upon signing up.

Pros & Pros and Ladbrokes

The most well-known brand in UK Betting
Top Live Streaming Service
Numerous regular promotions
A dedicated football console
Prices are subject to change and can be erratic and unpredictable.

Licensing & Safety

A reputation that is sloppy

UKGC licence
Gibraltar Commissioner license
In 1886, the company was founded.
100% secure and safe

Ladbrokes is licensed and regulated through the Licensing Authority of Gibraltar, under the Gambling Act 2005 and by the UK Gambling Commission. The licenses issued to the company are 010, 012 and 044 however, they also apply to other gambling companies operated by Ladbrokes including their online casino.

The guidelines laid out within their license agreements imply the following: Ladbrokes must:

Make sure that anyone who is suffering from issues related to gambling their website is provided with the right assistance and guidance.
Check that the patrons of the website are treated with respect and the service they receive is fair and open and transparent.
Be sure that any person who is under the age of legality to gamble is not allowed to play on the website.

In the year 2016 Ladbrokes joined forces with Coral to create Coral to form the Ladbrokes Coral Group that was later purchased in 2017 by GVC Holdings. GVC is an openly traded company employing thousands and millions of annual revenue. The bottom line is that… Ladbrokes is solid financially , which means that punters’ funds and payments are not at risk with the platform.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Ladbrokes

A wide range of betting options are available to punters

Quick deposits
Quick withdrawals
Accepted debit cards
Bank transfers and eWallets

How Do I Deposit Money With Ladbrokes

Making a deposit with Ladbrokes is a simple procedure. Log in to your account and then click the green “Deposit” button at the top right of the home page. Once you’ve done this, the page will open that will show the most frequently used deposit methods that are available.

Choose which of the payment options you wish to deposit money into and when the screen appears for the deposit method you selected you can enter the you want to deposit into your account.

For Ladbrokes opening hours, click here…

If you are having difficulties depositing funds, there’s an excellent link to Chat operator. Chat operator on this area of the website that is extremely useful particularly if you wish to make a deposit using one of the less frequently accepted payment methods.
How to Redraw Your Account From Ladbrokes

To withdraw money from Ladbrokes just select your balance, and then, from the drop-down box that pops up, choose the option to withdraw.

Once the screen is opened, just enter the amount you want to withdraw be able to withdraw from your account and then press the button.

The withdrawal process will be initiated, and dependent on the method of withdrawal employed, it will be available to you in the next couple of hours or even days.
How Much Time Does It Take to Withdraw From Ladbrokes?

All withdrawals must be approved by Ladbrokes after which, once it is examined and approved, it will be processed.

The most efficient method of withdrawal is to use Visa’s Fast Funds option which usually will have your money within 4 hours.
The standard Visa, Maestro and Mastercard options can take up to 1-3 days for banking.
PayPal is another option for speed , since the majority of PayPal withdrawals are processed within 8 hours.
Bank transfers can take anywhere from 2-4 days to process, however it is dependent on the processing time of your bank.
If you decide to join the Ladbrokes Grid Card service, the withdrawal process is instant.

Contact Customer Support at Ladbrokes

Great depth of markets
What is the customer support?


Live chat available on app or site
Email form is available on site
Twitter help
Support on Facebook

Ladbrokes offers a wide range of customer support service that begins with a comprehensive help section. Most questions can be solved by looking through the plethora of options available in the database of help.

If you do need to reach customer support, there are several choices available to you:

Visit Ladbrokes’ Facebook page. Ladbrokes Facebook site and use to send private messages there 24 hours a day.
Send a private direct message anytime through the Ladbrokes Twitter account, too.
There is an Live Chat option on site.
It is possible to send Ladbrokes an email through the website or the app as well.

You can also choose to upload any document you think the business might require to answer your question on the service using a secure hyperlink.

Overall, a good selection of support options, and as Ladbrokes performs well when compared to the majority of bookmakers , we’ve scored them an 8/10. This is well-deserved, since we’ve had a good experience with support. is responsive and quick.

The Ladbrokes Website Review Ladbrokes Website

Mobile & desktop site review

Are Ladbrokes user-friendly?


A well-designed website and app
Simple to use for novices
Menu system that is intuitive
Simple and efficient layout

Ladbrokes Mobile Review

Like you’d expect from a large business, Ladbrokes mobile app is highly well-designed and reflects the look and feel of the site. The black, red and white colors make it easy to recognize and you can tell it’s an official Ladbrokes website without having the name.

The layout of the website is like many other sports betting applications that have the main menus located at high-up on the page and the most well-known and forthcoming betting markets below, where you can scroll down to locate the game you want to bet on.

The app is extremely smooth and doesn’t have any of the bugs and minor problems that the previous Ladbrokes apps experienced. The app has also been improved in how In-Play betting functions on the app and it’s an excellent choice available for iOS or Android devices.

The app has a score of 3.3/5 out of more than 2800 ratings. However, there is a large number of one star ratings that reduce the overall score and a large portion of them are complaining about losing money, and I believe that the complaints must be taken with some salt. We’d give it a higher rating than the average.
Ladbrokes Desktop Review

Ladbrokes ‘ desktop website is among those that are instantly identifiable. The site hasn’t changed much in terms of looks over the years, as you would expect with the instantly-recognisable Ladbrokes brand, but it has improved in many other ways.

It’s certainly more user-friendly and stable, and there are notable improvements in the way it is used for clients. The website is laid out as most betting websites are currently, with an A-Z listings on the left side, the bet slip to the right side, and promotions, in-play betting and betting markets on the right.

There are links to other areas that comprise the Ladbrokes betting website and other Ladbrokes gambling websites at the top of the page.

It’s an easy, simple to navigate site for anyone and finding the market you’re looking for is fast and simple.

If we do have a complaint with the desktop and application versions, it’s that in their advertisements, Ladbrokes list a number of their site’s features like the GetAPrice feature and the price Boosts they provide on their site. For us, they’re not really promotional and are just more features of the site which gives an impression of more promotions available on the website than they actually are. It’s a minor niggle but enough to cause Ladbrokes isn’t as well reviewed as it would in this particular category.

How to Join Ladbrokes

Sign up for Ladbrokes quickly and easily using the application or on the website . The process of joining is exactly the same no matter which method you choose.

Go to on the Ladbrokes web site here. Then, click or tap the green “Join” button.
Then, you fill out a list of forms, which includes your email address username password your name, postal address, birth date and the method you’d prefer Ladbrokes to reach you and more.
After all the information has been added, select to the “green Create My Account button.
The company will verify your information and then you are able to determine a deposit limit.
Now you can choose the payment method that will be utilized in conjunction with your account.
Once you have completed this after which you have become registered on the site and are ready to fund your account.

All-Over Review

Here’s our general take on the world of…

After doing our Ladbrokes review, we’ve decided to give them a 4-out of 5 stars. If only 4.5 or 5 is better, this is a decent achievement from Laddies.

The first and most important thing is that you cannot doubt their experience and reputation in the field of gambling. They’ve been an integral player for a number of years and always been there for the gamblers who gamble with them. You can be confident you’re safe knowing that your money is secure at Ladbrokes and you’ll be the winnings from any bets that you make. 4.5 stars bookmakers are described within our section of reviews as those who are of high quality, but who have a minor issue with their website or reputation.

Concerning reputation, safety , and security the boxes are all checked at Ladbrokes however, we’re not content with the number and quality of the regular promotions that they offer. The long-term value following that PS20 free bet offer isn’t present and until they can ramp it up, we’ll have to push them back.

Overall, they offer a vast choice of markets to bet on, they offer a 400% welcome bonus, and a good reputation. Ladbrokes are a good option and are worthy of their rating of 4 stars on their review.

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