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What is Music Bingo and Where did it Originate?

Music bingo is an enjoyable and engaging variation on the traditional Bingo game. Music replaces the numbers on bingo cards it can be played by all. After you have received a bingo card the host plays music. If there is a song that you like in your bingo card mark the box. Similar rules apply to regular bingo. You just need to get an answer, and then bingo!

What is the First Game of Music Bingo?

The game is now gaining popularity all over the world, where did the game begin? It all began by a game show that aired on television. “Music Bingo” was an original TV show that premiered on the 29th of May, 1958. Contestants would listen to the song and when it stopped they would run to a huge board and placed a shape or simple symbol onto the bingo board. The infamous “Music Bingo Board” featured the letters ‘M-U S-I-C’ on the top. The contestant who could play five songs in consecutive rows won the game. The game was broadcast both in black and white and was aired for two years in all.

In the moment there were only two options for television at the moment were the channels from ABC or CBS. The only show to catch when kids returned at home after their schooling was Music Bingo. In all likelihood, it was a favorite among the children, and was something they could look at every day.

This show marked the first job for now-famous Johnny Gilbert, who is today best known for “This … is Jeopardy after the show’s revival in the form of Alex Trebek. The singer was originally a nightclub performer Gilbert hosts numerous games shows. The show in 1958 was the first show that Gilbert hosted on national TV and ran for three years. After the show was over, Gilbert went on to host the game show Words and Music on KTLA-TV in Los Angeles.

Present Music Bingo Games

It is now apparent that there isn’t much information on the show online however, for the fans of Music Bingo, its legacy is still alive. There are now shows at Radio Stations Such as Virgin Radio Victoria and the musical bingo shows filling theatres such as Smittys Cinema, and shows like live band bingo sweeping the Twitch streaming scene It’s wonderful to witness a lasting legacy. Indeed, YouTubers like Get Binky have added a new dimension to the live games to their fans.

How to host a musical bingo?

Musical bingo, also known as music bingo, is extremely easy to play. If you choose to play a Spotify music bingo list with more than 75 songs, it allows players to play music bingo by using this playlist on a system.

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