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An Overview Of Coinrule

Coinrule is an easy-to utilize automated trading bot platform which caters to experienced and new crypto traders too. It was established in the year 2018 and Coinrule is a UK trading bot platform is available all hours of the day, allowing users to maximize the profit they earn from trading in cryptocurrency.

Coinrule provides a broad range of tools to users, regardless of which trading strategies they would like to implement or pick from the hundreds of trading templates. This Coinrule Review will help you to determine if this is the right choice for your needs.

Coinrule Overview


Slick U.I. for the first time users of trading bots
Free daily emails that include trading strategies
Option to open a free account
Aims to provide the best trading experience to users who are new

Price Free Price Free $449.99 USD/month

Coinrule Pros & Cons


Excellent interface that works for beginners to bots that trade crypto

Start with no risk with our registration for free

Compatibility With Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and many more.


There aren’t nearly as many options as rival trading bots

The highest level of Coinrule is very expensive

How to Begin with Coinrule

Coinrule is simple to use, even for novices. It has simple “If/Then” parameters that allow you to establish your strategies for trading with your bots and in the event that you are not sure of the strategy you would like to employ, you can pick one of its trading patterns. The amount of rules that you can utilize as well as the number of exchanges that you can connect to your trading volume and the number of trading templates that you can access will depend on the plan you choose for your account and Coinrule offers four:

Starter (Free)

2 Live Rules, 2 Demo Rules
7 Template Strategies
1 Connected Exchange
Up to $5k per month in monthly trade volume

Hobbyist ($29.99/month)

7 Live Rules, 7 Demo Rules
30 Template Strategies
2 Exchanges Connected
up to $50k monthly Trade Volume
Telegram and Text Notifications
Access to the Trader Community is free. Trader Community
Advanced Indicators

Trader ($59.99/month)

15 Live Rules, 15 Demo Rules
Unlimited Template Strategies
3 Connected Exchanges
up to $500k per month in trade Volume
Up to $50k in Monthly Trade Volume
Telegram and Text Notifications
One-to-one Training Sessions
Advanced Indicators

Pro ($449.99/month)

50 Live Rules, 50 Demo Rules
Unlimited Template Strategies
Unlimited Exchanges
Up to $3m in Monthly Trade Volume
Text and Telegram Notifications
One-on-one Training Sessions
Advanced Indicators
A Dedicated Server
Ultra-Fast Execution

Exchanges Available

After you have selected the pricing plan you want and then registered an account, you’ll have for a connection to an exchange with API keys. They are stored in your account for exchange. Once you’ve created an account with your API Keys you will need return onto your Coinrule Dashboard to enter the necessary API details. Coinrule has been able to support the following exchanges in the past:

Binance US
Bitpanda Pro
Coinbase Pro

Make/Choose Your Rules

Once you are connected to an exchange you can develop your own strategies for crypto trading. Coinrule offers a user-friendly experience, which makes the effects of the parameters you select evident. This makes the process of creating your own strategies easy for those who are new to the game. After selecting the parameters you want to use in the first step, a tab on the top on the screen will give you a summary of the market conditions you will be following after which, once you have verified your plan, you are able to launch your bot, and it will start trading in real-time. You could opt to utilize an established trading strategy which professional traders have tested and tested rather than creating your own strategies.

Coinrule Features

Coinrule is a host of features that make it among the best cryptocurrency trading bots currently available:

User Experience

Coinrule is a company that caters to novices and professionals. Their goal is to enable all users to compete against professional hedge funds and algorithmic traders. They can achieve it by placing emphasis on usability through an intuitive interface , as well as steps-by-step strategies that do not require a lot of technical terms and jargon, which means that a novice can develop a strategy easily, while an experienced trader can design their own strategy however they’d like. If they want to, users can use templates instead of creating their own guidelines.

Coinrule is clear about their security measures that protect users. All API keys for users are encrypted using the most advanced security protocols and all private keys are kept on separated data storage that is secured. Furthermore those API keys that link to your Coinrule account to your exchange account are not able to permit withdrawal rights. In other words, even if data is compromised, the funds in the exchange can’t be transferred using the information.

Trading Strategies

Alongside the trading strategy templates that Coinrule offers, they send daily emails that include free trading signals to assist to adjust your strategies or make new rules. The templates are designed to help users develop strategies for trading across the bots, such as stop loss Buy the Dip the price-based accumulation, rebalancing, and many more. The templates you can download are based on your pricing plan, however you can create an approach that is based on the template should you wish to study and develop your own rules for trading.

It is not possible to test backtesting Coinrule at the moment but you are able to use the included Demo exchange. You can test your rules by using the virtual allocation of funds in real time and then see how the method performs in the marketplace. The Demo exchange utilizes prices direct from Binance to increase the accuracy of the performance reports.

With a free account, Coinrule is worth giving an attempt if you’re curious about how the platform functions. If you discover that it is a good fit for your needs for trading it is possible to upgrade your account to join additional exchanges and gain access to more advanced trading tools.

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