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The Benefits of A Piercing Pillow

It is the Ear Hole Pillow is known as the top pillow to treat Chondrodermatitis (CNH) however, you’ll be amazed at how it is able to meet any needs and has helped provide the best quality sleep to a large number of our clients. It isn’t easy to get a good night’s sleep. You could be twirling and turning for the cold side or finding a place in which your ears feel comfortable while your neck feels well-supported. In many cases, ears feel blocked during sleep, resulting in awakening with a stiff neck , stiff shoulders or stiff neck. Whatever your problem at night, this Ear Hole Pillow may be the answer to your slumbering night.

Here are five advantages

1. You’re Recovering From Ear Surgery

Standard pillows don’t provide the needed support to side sleepers who’ve had an surgery for their ears. Most people who’ve undergone ear surgery are able to rest on their backs in order to avoid any irritation to their ears. This can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause sleepless nights due to the limitations in your movements. This piercing pillow has a 12cm hole that gives the ears with enough space. The filling is a soft polyester fibre that wraps around the ear , which ensures the ear’s softness in case of friction.

2. You’re a committed side-sleeper

As a person who sleeps on my side I frequently find myself trying to get my ears to be comfortable. Since my ears are always smashed against my pillows. Its Ear Hole pillow can reduce the pressure, irritation and damage to the ears for those who sleep on their sides. In addition it provides the best support for your neck and head.

3. You’ll need a pillow for Your Ear Piercings

It could take up to eight weeks to allow your ear-piercings to fully heal , which is a long time to avoid sleeping on your back. Any pressure placed on a newly-pierced piercing may be painful and can cause swelling. It is recommended to use the Ear Pillow will be the ideal pillow to protect your ear from being in contact with it with your rest. This pillow is recommended for those suffering from an ear infection due to earpiercing and also.

4. The best pillow to use earphones or headphones

Do you like listening to music prior to going to go to bed? I do, however often my pillow is blocked by my headphones. It’s the Ear Hole Pillow is for headphones. You can enjoy music with out moving your head or your pillow continuously. If you’ve got a spouse who snores loudly, it is possible to wear earplugs when you rest. The pillow will stop the earplugs from falling off and creating discomfort.

5. It may help ease ear pain during pregnancy.

The most common position for sleeping during pregnancy is on the mother’s side, particularly during the 3rd trimester. But when sleeping on the side, it could cause ear pain as well as friction. This Ear Hole Pillow is perfect to alleviate pressure in the ear and friction. It also offers the ideal level of support for the neck and head so that sleeping during pregnancy is much more comfortable.

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