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What Are the Benefits of NMN Supplements?

In the past the animal models as well as preliminary human studies have demonstrated the safety and benefits (efficacy) of using niacinamide mononucleotide (NMN) an nutraceutical with health-protecting effects, and with no significant side negative effects. Studies on animals have shown improvements and preliminary, ongoing clinical trials have shown positive results on fertility, heart health and diabetes management, as well as even cognition (memory and language usage, problem-solving). Age-related declines can be improved through NMN supplementation.

The supplementation of niacinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is the precursor to NAD+, could boost health outcomes and provide anti-aging benefits for your brain, skin, as well as heart health. as well as increasing fertility.

The research available about NMN supplements is in its early stages. Speak with your doctor before taking any supplements of any type.

As we get older, NAD+ levels decline in our cells in large quantities which can cause changes due to aging to the heart, skin and brain, among others. NMN could be the solution we are looking for to slow down age-related processes.

What is nicotinamide monnucleotide (NMN)?

What exactly is NMN? Niacinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is the precursor for nicotinamide dinucleotide (NAD+) (a vital participant in many cell processes and keeping our body’s current state) It is being studied in a variety of clinical trials as well as in other research to assess its potential use as a supplement for fighting various aging-related changes.

In 2018, following the publication in the 11th version of World Health Organization (WHO)’s ICD codes (International Classification of Diseases) age-related illnesses were added as a disease state.

The classification of aging as a disease led to the start of research about various aspects that deal with boosting NAD+ levels in mammalian cells as well as the potential advantages of slowing aging. NAD+ plays a key part in a variety of activities within the body that, as we the aging process, diminish. Studies have shown that NAD+ levels fall by almost 50% by the time we attain middle age.

NMN benefits

When taken through the through the mouth NMN can be quickly and effectively absorbed, and then converted to NAD+. Initial clinical trials conducted in mice and other laboratory animals, along with a few of research studies currently which are currently being conducted on humans, indicate that increased concentrations of NAD+ can reduce the age-related fat that causes inflammation in tissues, and enhance the production and actions on insulin and brain functioning and many other. Furthermore, the potential advantages of NMN supplementation could include:

Better brain health. Improve mental health, reduce memory, and could be a therapy to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
Benefits of NMN’s anti-aging skincare (our largest organ in the body).
Fertility benefits.
Heart protection actions (cardioprotective).
Better diabetes health and understanding of obesity.
Sleep better.

Enhances the cognitive function

In a research conducted by Shen researchers, they discovered that NMN which regulates the body’s production of NAD+ is involved in maintaining the circadian rhythm of a person. In addition, they found improvements in mental performance (cognition) and reduced depression-like behavior in mice treated with NMN.

Another encouraging study suggest that NMN supplementation could provide a variety of neuroprotective benefits. But, more studies are needed to determine if these benefits are applicable to humans.

Enhances the survival of neurons.
It slows down the decline of the progression of Alzheimer’s (mouse models to today).
Enhances cognitive performance.
Reduces the symptoms of depression.
Improves sleep.

Reverses skin aging

NMN skincare benefits are being studied at present although studies are at an infancy stage.

In a 2021 study conducted by Zhou Researchers evaluated NMN application in rodents. They discovered improvement in sun damaged wrinkles and skin changes due to aging. This could be beneficial to future treatments and research as well as stopping UVB (sun) caused skin damage.

In a study in 2022 by Brito researchers, they examined the role of NMN in decreasing melanin (pigment) that could help those suffering from age-related hyperpigmentation (increased pigmentation, dark spots or aging marks) in the near future.

Improves fertility

Intake of NMN can help improve fertility, both for women and men.

As women age, their egg (oocytes) are of lower quality, and their fertility diminishes. Studies on mice have demonstrated that when supplementing with NMN the advantages included an increase in ovulation and cell division, as well as the possibility of fertilization.

As people get older the testosterone production (sperm production) declines. Early research in mice suggests that this decrease in sperm production is due to the diminishing amounts of NAD+, which are associated with ageing. This suggests the use of NMN supplements to boost the low sperm count as men get older. In addition, the impact of being overweight on the quality of sperm could be mitigated through NMN’s beneficial effects.

Heart health benefits

In order to maintain NAD+ levels within the body even when we get older it is possible to stop or delay the development of certain cardiovascular illnesses.

The levels of NAD+ in the cardiovascular system diminish as we the age. Offering the precursor NMN in the form of a supplement can help reverse the age-related changes in arteries and decrease rigidity of the blood vessels. Benefits for protecting the heart could include improved management of blood pressure levels, less arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) and improvements in the overall functioning of the heart.

Improving diabetes management

A decrease in NAD+ levels were found in obese humans, obese animals and people with diabetes mellitus. Numerous studies, including an animal model created by Uddin and colleagues, indicate supplements with NMN does not just increase NAD+ levels, but may aid in the elimination of glucose that is a result of high-fat diets, leading to aging, obesity and diabetes. NMN could assist in the regulation of diabetes and management of obesity in the near future.

Improve your sleep

NMN could be a part of melatonin as well as other supplements to enhance the quality of sleep and improve sleep which can reduce sleep disturbances and insomnia.

In numerous studies on animals, including one by Shen the addition of NMN was associated with improved immunity and control. Additionally, it was demonstrated to boost the performance that the GABAergic system within the body, which is a major factor in mood disorders, sleep regulation, neurological disorders as well as other aspects of health. Through changes to this system and the immune system and various pathways, the findings suggest the possibility of NMN supplementation in the treatment of certain sleep disorders.

What are the possible side negative effects associated with NMN supplements?

Negative effects can be triggered by any medication we consume orally and injectable.

NMN studies so far suggest positive effects that are generally harmless with minimal adverse negative effects. Although generally tolerated, nicotinamide could cause negative effects on liver, kidneys and the beta-cells that make up the pancreas (which creates insulin) and may cause headaches and stomach upset. These effects are dependent on dose and higher doses can cause negative side effects while smaller doses having greater beneficial effects.

How much NMN should i be taking?

Studies have suggested positive effects, yet are at the start of research and recommendations for specific dosage ranges or the best times to consume a supplement such as NMN must be discussed with a health professional. NMN dosage will vary based on weight, age and result as well as your goals. The dosages to attain anti-aging benefits in comparison to. reproductive benefits, for instance could differ.

Additionally, any medication that you are currently taking could affect absorption, and consequently the time required for administration. A careful discussion with your primary healthcare provider is recommended to ensure that this product is suitable for your needs as well as that you’re purchasing it from a trusted source. Clinical trials that have been conducted have varied in the range of products that are used, ranging between oral and injectable ones. They’re not as comparable in the same way as one apple might be different from another.

Take NMN along with Resveratrol

Do the combination of NMN with resveratrol give more longevity benefits? Are there any advantages to supplementing both compounds rather that one on its own?

A 2018 study by Salehi reviews the fact that resveratrol can have positive health effects and also risks.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol that occurs naturally typically found in grapes, among other foods could provide several important advantages for health. The properties could include:

Anti-inflammatory benefits.
Antioxidant (protect cells from being damaged by the normal byproducts of metabolism).
Activity against microbial (inhibit the development of a variety of organisms).

Anti-tumor effects.
Heart protective effects.
Help in relaxing blood vessels.
Neuroprotective effects.

Research has demonstrated that resveratrol may not be accessible in the body after ingesting. Additionally, negative reactions have been reported and appear to be to be dose-dependent. One potential negative side effect is related to the estrogen-like action of the drug. Dependent on the dose as well as the age and gender of the individual taking resveratrol, one can experience positive or negative consequences.

Therefore, even though positive results are possible but careful attention should be given to the dosage and the aging of the patient. It’s not just “Here you go, take a supplement,” and you are in good shape. The minor side effects reported were various and typically observed in higher doses or with long-term usage. They can include GI upset (nausea vomiting, diarrhea, nausea) and liver disorders. It is important to remember that the studies included in the review were conducted in healthy people and not those with underlying health problems.

Resveratrol has a range of drug interactions. In addition, the supplement may interfere with various enzymes and increase the possibility of side reactions, drug failures, or toxicities.

Another concern is that Resveratrol can hinder the capacity of platelets to join. If plates (Used to clot blood) do not function as they should they are at risk of more bleeding and bruises. The risk increases when they are coupled with medications that affect similar pathways, such as anticoagulant drugs (stroke atrial fibrillation) as well as antiplatelet drugs or NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen). Further studies on safety and effectiveness are required on the use of Resveratrol as a supplementation to enhance health.

What are the advantages of combining resveratrol and NMN? Combining them with NMN might have benefits, however, it’s not advised. One study conducted by Bai who conducted the study in mice indicates that NMN together with resveratrol may increase the levels NAD+ within the heart and muscles. Be aware that:

The study is animal research study.
The study’s design has a number of drawbacks.
It’s too early to know if this will translate to similar results for people.
Because supplements aren’t regulated through the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) The safety and composition of any product you purchase might be in doubt.

You should wait until more research and FDA-approved drugs have been created or, at a minimum, contact an expert in healthcare to discuss the risks as compared to. advantages.

The addition of a food item powder, or an capsules or tablets of NMN can yield results as further studies are conducted and analysed. The anti-aging potential of NMN appear to appear to promote healthy aging with better mental performance with minimal adverse effects and even protection effects for different organs, processes in the body and changes caused by age.

While positive and promising results are demonstrated by research studies, safety and efficacy studies for large clinical trials remain insufficient. Nadeeshani as well as a number of more researchers believe that additional studies are required in the field of the field of human medicine in order to translate mostly animal-based research that has been conducted to date into applications for humans. But, research is still promising and could be the cure for all the life we’ve all hoped to discover.

Always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional before taking any supplement. Certain supplements may not be compatible with prescription drugs Formulations vary and supplements aren’t yet well-regulated from the Federal government. There are many different supplements available, and not all are identical. Make sure that the supplements you purchase are safe, tested by a third-party or recommended by your doctor prior to incorporating them into your routine.

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