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Why bring a brain injury claim?

If you or someone close to you suffers an injury to the brain and it was the result of an accident, it is possible to file a compensation claim. However, it’s not solely about securing the financial compensation.

Making a brain injury claim will have many benefits for you and your loved ones as we will explain below:

It will help you get back to work

The effects of sustaining a brain injury could hinder your ability to work.

Each person may have different experiences of the long-term effects of the brain injury, many sufferers may notice it could influence their concentration and attention levels, both short and long-term memory as well as the ability to organize and plan. There is a possibility that working for extended durations of time can cause you to be easily exhausted or overwhelmed. This could make working environments difficult and possibly dangerous.

In the aftermath of a brain injury it is possible that you’ll not able to go back to the job you had previously held or even work for any time at all. The compensation claim you file could help you pay for any loss in earnings that you suffer as a result of this, as well as the future earnings you’ll be missing out on, as well as the possibility of promotions that you be missing. If you’re no longer able work, you could also claim compensation for the retirement rights being lost.

Compensation after an injury to the brain can help fund a vocational case management. They are there to assist you as you returning to your job, regardless of whether you’re returning back to your old job, assuming an entirely new job in the same industry or locating a new job that’s more appropriate to your skills.

You can get rehabilitation and assistance

Brain injuries sufferers generally require some type of rehabilitation that meets the individual requirements. There may be a need for occupational therapy, physiotherapy, or psychiatric treatment in your quest to recover or adaptation.

When your compensation is paid, you’ll have money to avail all the assistance you require. We also know that accessing quality rehabilitation and support services can give you the best chance to see getting the most benefit We go an extra step. Instead of waiting until the claim is settled, we are proactive in our efforts to connect you to the right people to provide you the help you require, immediately.

It could mean organising a an organized care group

The damages incurred by the compensation process for brain injuries could cover the cost of hiring a specialist case manager, who manages and supervises your treatment. They’ll create a treatment program that is tailored to your particular needs in terms of health, social and emotional requirements. This is referred to as ‘joined-up care’ and helps health and social workers from different services to collaborate. This means that you’ll have a group of experts that are working alongside you and ensuring you receive the highest quality of care.

It may help pay for health care services provided by loved ones

Family and friends are likely to take part in helping you recuperate. If they have to take care of you on regular basis, on a on a voluntary basis, the cost of the care they provide can be included in the compensation you receive. This will cover their time and expenses as well as any income loss they incur when they take time off of work to look after you.

Caregiving for a loved one is a difficult and exhausting task as well as a total departure from the life they’ve been living and the type of relationship they used to sharing with you. This is the reason that you be reimbursed for the expense hiring professional caregivers to help the loved ones you love or take care of regular maintenance. Employing outside help can assist in helping to maintain a healthy home.

You can have peace of mind

If a family member is affected through a head injury it could cause many in doubt. Making a claim could give assurance that your loved ones’ requirements are taken care of.

It’s the same when you’re the one suffering from an injury to the brain and you’re worried about how your loved ones are going to handle the cost and obligations to care as well as when a loved one is suffering from an injury to their brain and you’re concerned about who will take care of the person when you’re not in the vicinity. This is especially relevant in the case of a child who is injured and is likely to live longer than you.

This could lead to any further injuries

No matter if your brain injury was due to medical negligence or because of the result of an accident or injury, it’s crucial to take the necessary lessons learned in order that it doesn’t happen to another person.

Making a claim requires the person against whom you’re bringing claims – whether that is an employer, healthcare provider or local authority, and other – to look at their processes and determine the reasons for what was wrong. If changes are made as a result of this, it will help ensure the security of other people.

Knowing the causes of the injury can help you and your family members with the answers that will aid you in regaining your strength and concentrate on the future.

How much is a head accident claim value?

Although compensation won’t be able to compensate the devastating consequences of an injury to the brain but it will compensate for financial losses and expenses associated with the services mentioned earlier. It can be difficult to pinpoint the amount your claim for brain injury will be worth since each case is different and there are many elements that can impact your claim.

The amount you receive will be evaluated by three categories:

Compensation for suffering, pain and loss of enjoyment

Also known as general damages, this is compensation for an actual injury. The amount you receive will be based on the degree of the brain injury and the impact it has on your day-to-day activities. General damages are determined by guidelines released by the Judicial College.

Financial losses that you have suffered before the time of settlement

This is in order to pay for the financial loss and expenses you’ve suffered to date in the wake of the injury. Some examples of what you could claim include:

Earnings loss
Medical or therapeutic fees for private use
The value of assistance offered by friends or family members as well as the loss of earnings
Professional Care
Equipment and aids
Home adaptations to suit your needs
You and your family members incur travel expenses as well as your family

Future losses, damages and other expenses

The majority of losses will be to help pay for your future needs. This includes things like future earnings, expenses for outgoings and costs of treatment.

Learn all you should know about what you can expect when filing claims by contacting us to have a free consultation. We have a team of expert lawyers with years of knowledge of both child and adult brain injury cases who will help you determine if you are eligible for a claim.

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