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Best Selling Victoria Secret Mist

Victoria’s Secret is a very well-known brand when it comes to fragrances. This brand is known for its wide range of products and affordability. Body mists by Victoria’s Secret are super long-lasting and have so many flavor options to choose from. When it comes to fragrance everyone has different tastes and each fragrance smells different on everyone so you might like fresh floral scents while others will prefer sweet or spicy scents. To cater to different people with different preferences Victoria’s Secret has come up with a huge range of body mists, body wash, body lotion, and much more.

Packaging: Over the past few years, the packaging of Victoria’s Secret body mist and perfumes has had slight changes. The body mist is packaged in a sleek plastic bottle making it extremely easy to carry while traveling. It appears classy and adaptable despite being made of plastic. The word Victoria’s Secret is imprinted on the cap which makes it more classy. The overall look and feel of their products are quite luxurious so if you are someone who is obsessed with good packaging then you will definitely going to love every bit of this brand. All the products look luxurious but don’t cost you a lot.

Here is the TOP selling body mist from Victoria’s Secret:

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction: Pure Seduction is a sensual scent that makes you feel luxurious. This body mist is a mixture of red plum, sweet melon, and freesia notes. You come out smelling fresh and delicious. The scent combines fruity and flowery notes, however, the floral notes are quite mild and doesn’t feel much. Pure seduction is one the best-selling body mist after bombshell. When you wear this scent, you will smell really lovely and sweet (like strawberries or raspberries).

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell: This mist has a fresh scent that makes you feel refreshing all day long. Victoria’s Secret love spell has a fruity aroma. Top notes include cherry blossom and peach; middle notes include Aloe Vera and Chamomile; and base notes include Rose, Gardenia, Hyacinth, Sweet pea, Pear, and Vanilla. The scent is highly fruity and so sinful. Because it is on the stronger side. The maximum lasting time for this scent is up to 7 hours.

Victoria’s Secret Secret Patels: Velvet Petals is one of the most popular Victoria’s Secret body mists. Because of its light and gentle floral scent, it suits best in the day time. It has an aroma of warm sweet almonds which it super pleasant. It’s quite a sultry and comforting scent. If you are someone who is not more into floral and sweet scents then you must give it a try to love spell. Whether you are going for work, school or university this scent will suits you well.

Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla: If you are someone who loves to smell like vanilla, chocolate or something similar then bare vanilla by Victoria’s Secret will be the option for you. This scent is little towards the sweet side and makes you smell divine. The scent is soft whipped vanilla with a cashmere base and will last you longer if you pair it up with the same shower gel and body cream.

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion: This body mist is has a sensual blend of vanilla and coconut along with lily. For those who loves sweet scents will going to love this scent as it has a strong sweet scent with a delightful aroma of coconut and vanilla. These notes altogether create a perfect sweet scent.Victoria’s Secret coconut passion can be easily paired with other body mist to make a unique scent.  

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