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Who Is Behind Trapstar Clothing?

Do not confuse with the song by Young Jeezy “Trap Star” London label Trapstar initially created custom t-shirts for their friends around seven years ago. However, due to the growing demands, Mikey Trapstar and his group of friends were forced other than to alter the policy of the company to appeal to the crowds. They are known for their colorful, graphic t-shirts, Hoodies as well as rugged leather biker jackets and LDN-repping caps label now has an outlet in the London’s Portobello Road, as well as an online store. Their clothes have been seen in the likes of Rihanna, The Weeknd, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea and A$AP Rocky as well as model Cara Delevigne who isn’t often papped in her Trapstar beanie and hat, these Londoners continue to connect the gap between fashion and street clothing. So Noisey has pinned Mikey to see the latest developments.

There’s a general desire for an item from Trapstar nowadays. It’s become quite a brand. If it’s Cara Delevigne making selfies with ghetto looks in Trapstar beanies Then it’s Rihanna taking selfies for a night out in her original Trapstar pieces. Let me know about the journey from London famous label to a sought-after internationally renowned company…

Mikey: [LaughsMichael:[Laughs Cara isn’t ghetto. JP she’s G’d up! There’s a vast distinction. Ghetto is leaping over barriers to avoid an PS8 ticket and PS40 inside your wallet. G’d up sits in a 5-star restaurant wearing an unflattering t-shirt and kicks, but not doing anything but a snooze, as all the dolly birds and suits are staring at you! That’s Cara. She doesn’t chase trends; she chases fashion. Trapstar was created by myself and my two other friends–Lee Trapstar and Will Trapstar around 7 years ago. The online stores were not as popular at the time and we faced difficult times obtaining stockists due to the recession was hitting and they weren’t willing to take a risk with the creation of a brand new to them. We came up with a new idea. We came up with a pop-up store system that we named Trapstar Invasion. We named it so because we felt that we were being excluded from the market, even having thousands of loyal supporters. We needed to make things the hands of our customers. The concept gradually grew outside of London and into Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester as well as New York. It finally reached the point in 2010 when we could afford to build the flagship of our store located in West London at Portobello Road.

Rihanna along with Models Cara Delevigne and Georgia May Jagger. Ok, but how much do you pay for these celebrities to wear your outfits? It’s not like they’re doing this just out of desire to please…

I pay them using checks and they bounce in 30 days! No, I’m not messing with you. We don’t make money from paying for people to put on our clothing. It’s all about love and I’m happy about this. I believe everything should be natural. What is the way to say, “I’ll wear your clothes to shop when you pay me”? This is a sign that they don’t like your brand therefore why would they want to force it? Don’t think about fashion for a second. As a human with self-respect, you must only work with people who are willing to work with you.

Wise. You’re in close contact to the hip-hop scene, as well. Through the years, Trapstar has hosted unforgettable events with A$AP Rocky in the beginning days, as well as Stalley and many more. How do you establish such a strong relationship with these musicians?

We’re probably following the same trend, but I happen to be fashionable. It comes to the point where you know people, and your their friends will use the brand’s name to refer to it. We’ve done many hours of effort in the community which is why word of mouth spreads and relationships develop and we connect. I’d never ask a friend to get an individual to join Trapstar as it’s a bit forced and unprofessional at the highest levels.

Benga was the face of the campaign that you recently launched for your collaboration with the computer game Hitman: Absolution. How did this collaboration come from?

We were scouted by headhunters because of our color and brand’s ethics. Benga is a friend of mine so I thought it was an appropriate in-house option. Benga was able to fit the project the letter! It was an extremely fun project in the end. I was able to design using my darker imagination and was even allowed to visit an outdoor shooting range to make a crazy video under water, with bullets. We weren’t detained for it! This is a win in my book!

There’s a new trend that’s been launched by Glaceau Water called #shinebright, in which you’re seeking the next big fashionista to work with you and gain valuable practical experience in the fashion industry. What kind of things do you want to see when it comes time to make a the day of your decision?

I’m just looking for some freshness and enthusiasm. It’s not necessary to be the most popular or robust brand, since this is a financial issue and the entire point for the marketing campaign is simply to aid them. They must exude an energy that makes people believe that they’ll last for a long time to become. I’m sure you’re feeling it to require that extra hand to make it to the second stage. I think we’ve had such a lot of support, it’s only fair to help others and let fresh talent shine through.

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Certain people believe that British streetwear is no longer fashionable. Other people believe it’s going through a change. Thoughts?

British streetwear? Dead? Wow! What bitter people have you been talking to? There’s no doubt that the world is experiencing changes however, that’s part of the cycle of life. It’s not exactly the same as it was 10 years ago, be it music fashion, sports, as well as food. According to me is that you must change to change or you’ll kick yourself off, retreat into the cave, and then disappear. A growing number of people are proud to represent the UK and I believe things are heading in the right path.

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