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Why Have a Photo Booth at a Wedding?

You can spend months or even years making plans for your wedding. The cake as well as the colors, food, the music and even the lighting!

Let’s not even begin to talk about the gorgeousness of your gown.

All for one date: that day that you tie the knot with your closest friend and then party to the max with your family and friends.

Naturally, you’ll need to need a photographer take pictures of every detail, but have you thought, “Do I need a photo booth for the wedding?”

The bottom line is that photo booths are amazing and you must definitely get one.

Let’s talk about the reasons why photo booths are the ideal wedding accessory, how to ensure that you get the best one it could be, and lastly, how you can have one at your wedding!

Why would you want to have a wedding picture booth?

Three essential ingredients to an amazing reception: an open bar, dancing, and a photo booth. A good example: Kim Kardashian and Kanye had the option of a photo booth for their wedding!

Photo booths are often frequent choice for wedding planners. Megan Metzger from Pearl Events Austin states that an event with photo booth hire is essential at her wedding.

“Instead of carrying a camera around your face, as dancing on the dance floor with photographers, people just get loose and, for some reason, they feel more comfortable around the camera,” Megan said.

Why is it that photo booths are so popular? Let’s consider the following reasons:

1. Photo booths can increase the excitement factor

The cocktail hour is a great way to keep guests entertained and having fun during the ceremony as well as reception. Photo booths can make up for the absence, also, making guests feel entertained as well as the mood lighting. It’s the perfect way to distract yourself when you and your newly-wed spouse take those stunning photographs that will make your momma weep.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there.

In the course of the reception The photo booth at the reception will be the present that keeps giving to the guests and you.

2. Pictures are the ideal wedding favors

Your guests will appreciate having an item to take home, whether it’s printed or digital form.

Making a photo booth is certainly much easier than wrapping numerous ribbons on bottles which probably won’t get out the door.

The majority of wedding favors that are cliche are thrown away however, people will hold onto great photos, particularly when they are able to text it to their phones using a touch screen booth.

Capture moving or still images with modern photo booths . include your own frame or logo to each photograph.

The most modern photo booths also offer an online wedding album following the wedding ceremony and allows both you and guests go back to the moments.

3. There’s just too much going on for the photographer to take a picture of it all

A photo booth is a great addition to an excellent wedding photographer. Your photographer will take lots of amazing photos however, they’ll focus on you and your main activities on the dance floor.

The fun that happens in the background? This is where the photo booth comes in.

A photo booth at your wedding can be a wonderful option to ensure that you get authentic photos of each guest. It’s unlikely that everyone will pose in formal poses to be photographed by the wedding photographer however, they’ll most likely stop by the booth to take an enjoyable group photo or selfie. It’s like having an extra photo album of your wedding.

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