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Arkansas Warned Over ‘life-Threatening’ Flash Floods; Florida Ocean Temperatures Hit Record High – Live Updates

Flash flood warning for parts of Arkansas as experts warn of threat to lifeThe National Weather Service issued a flash flood emergency across parts of Arkansas, with meteorologists warning a “life-threatening situation” was unfolding.

The National Weather Service’s office in Shreveport, Louisiana, issued a flash flood emergency for the cities of Stamps and Buckner, as well as the “extreme north-east” parts of Lafayette county, Arkansas.

AccuWeather senior meteorologist, John Feerick, said:

There has been a complex of thunderstorms over that area much of the morning, and it hasn’t been moving much, which has been the main issue.

He added that the storms had been producing two to three inches of rain per hour, and to add to the flood concern, the storms were moving slowly over the same areas.

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