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Australia V West Indies: First Test, Day Three – Live

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34th over: West Indies 114-9 (Roach 5, S. Joseph 15) Crowd hero for a reason! He is buoyant on good vibes right now, as Shamar Joseph steps forward and lofts Josh Hazlewood over mid off, a pure hit. Two balls later, leans back and tugs a pull shot through a wide long on. Both boundaries. Hazlewood is sweating heavily and looking mildly annoyed as he walks away after the over.

33rd over: West Indies 106-9 (Roach 5, S. Joseph 7) Starc continuing, and Roach gets into the act with a very compact cover drive for four. That ball was full enough that it just need a push and the right timing. Gets both. Then Roach goes in a similar direction for a fast single with Lyon swooping around from point. The field swaps for left-handed Joseph. He was bullish this morning, said he was looking forward to batting. The game is his vanvas now. More runs right away, one more anyway, dinking Starc to fine leg with an angled bat off the straight. Roach hops and plays inside the line of a shorter ball outside off. Starc has come around the wicket to the right-hander, who blocks out the last two balls well enough. The lead is 11.

32nd over: West Indies 100-9 (Roach 0, S. Joseph 6) A hero’s welcome to the crease, keeping his lucky spot at No11. And first ball… Shamar Joseph drives Hazlewood for four! Beautiful cover drive, steps into it and times it perfectly to go just square of the fielder. West Indies into the lead!

He defends the next stoutly. Three slips and a gully, point, cover, mid on and mid off both set quite square, short leg, long leg.

Lots of room at midwicket, and he goes in that direction with a fending pull shot that brings him two. They’re up by 5 runs, and have cracked triple figures.

WICKET! Motie b Hazlewood 3, West Indies 94-9Oh, straight through! Hazlewood has 5 for 21. Third ball of his over, around the wicket to the left-hander, and like Athenaze in the first innings, it’s an ill-advised leave. The ball angles in a long way to take off-stump.

Huge applause for Shamar Joseph coming out. West Indies still trail by one run.

Josh Hazlewood celebrates taking his fifth wicket for the match. Photograph: Paul Kane/Getty ImagesWICKET! A. Joseph c Carey b Starc 12, West Indies 94-831st over: West Indies 94-8 (Motie 3) Another single collected for Motie, gets Starc down just past short leg. Then a streaky boundary for Joseph: the ball is short of a length, he tries to baseball at over mid on, I fancy, but gets a big outside edge over the slips. And that’s his last contribution to the innings, on the back foot as he spars at the next ball that hits the seam and angles in, taking his outside edge.

30th over: West Indies 89-7 (A. Joseph 12, Motie 2) Softly, softly. Motie pushes an off-side single, and it’s an overstep by Hazlewood as well. The deficit is down to 6.

29th over: West Indies 87-7 (A. Joseph 12, Motie 1) First run for Motie via a little straight push. Joseph employs that straight-bat glide again, between gully and point for a couple.

I know the Cameron Green wingspan observations have been done to death, but it’s interesting that Australia don’t even need to consider employing a fourth slip most of the time, because Marsh and Green between them are an extra fielder.

Marsh has often been a gully because of his reach, but in this setup he’s positioned at third slip, where he’s also about half a gully. That means Green can go squarer and be another one and a half gullies. It’s remarkable coverage.

Although for Starc in this over, Green has come inside to be a finer gully, and Marsh it outside him as a squarer gully, with Khawaja and Smith as two conventional slips. Must be for Starc with the angle across the right-hander, and Joseph’s tendency to play behind point.

Windies down by 8 runs.

28th over: West Indies 84-7 (A. Joseph 10, Motie 0) Violent swish at a Hazlewood length ball from Joseph, misses. Would either have been six or edged to slip if he’d connected. Three slips and a gully waiting. Revises his approach afterwards, ducks a bouncer and gets forward to defend the fuller stuff. Scoreless over.

27th over: West Indies 84-7 (A. Joseph 10, Motie 0) Successful over for Starc. Motie comes out at No9. Only Roach and Joseph #2 to come.

WICKET! da Silva c Hazlewood b Starc 18, West Indies 84-7Aahhhhhhhgghhhh! Why! Joshua da Silva, who gets out to an immensely stupid pull shot in the first innings, gets out to an immensely stupid pull shot in the second innings. You’ve got catchers out for it, you’ve got bowlers with pace and lift sending it down at you, and you keep playing it even though the reward is usually only a single. And eventually, even if you score a few, you get out. That’s what he does here, top edge to fine leg, simple as can be.

Josh Hazlewood catches Joshua Da Silva. Photograph: Mark Brake/CA/Cricket Australia/Getty Images26th over: West Indies 84-6 (da Silva 18, A. Joseph 10) First run of the day for da Silva, predictably from the pull shot. Hazlewood finishes out the over to Joseph, who hangs in there. Good start, West Indies!

25th over: West Indies 83-6 (da Silva 17, A. Joseph 10) Lyon’s one delivery may be all he gets this morning. Mitchell Starc gets the ball, which is still relatively new. It doesn’t work though, because Joseph gets on the front foot and drives it through extra cover for four! Nice shot. Follows it with another, opening the face and going squarter, then steers two more runs behind point. Great start, 10 from the over, they’re only 12 behind now.

24th over: West Indies 73-6 (da Silva 17, A. Joseph 1) It’s a Josh Off!

Josh Hazlewood to bowl the first full over, unsurprisingly at 4 for 18. Josh da Silva does pretty well to keep out the full six, though one swishes past his outside edge. No run from the over.

23rd over: West Indies 73-6 (da Silva 17, A. Joseph 1) One ball for Nathan Lyon to bowl, and it’s a pie down the leg side that Alzarri Joseph can ignore. Ah well.

Just had an interesting wander around eavesdropping on all of the broadcast techs talking about logistics for a shortened match. There’s a lot of scrambling when it might finish before lunch on day three. Here come the players on to the field …

Travis Head, Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne take to the field on day three. Photograph: Paul Kane/Getty ImagesIf you want a bit more detail, here’s the Final Word video from Adelaide Oval last night at stumps.

If you want the match report from yesterday, here is the wires version.

PreambleGood morning from Adelaide, because it’s the morning here. Shaping up to be a warmer day than the last few, bright sunshine already draped over the ground at just past 9am local time. A gaggle of camera operators are out by the pitch with a couple of TV presenters, a couple of Cricket Australia uniforms, and one member of the ground staff belting the bowler’s footmarks with the big metal plate on a pole that has different names around the world.

What do we have for you today? Welllllll, maybe not much, if we’re completely honest. West Indies will resume the third innings of the match still 22 runs behind, and with four wickets in hand. So they could yet be bowled out to lose by an innings.

If they can knock off those 22 runs then they will at least ensure that there is a fourth innings, and make Australia bat again. But it’s a distant hope to think that they can build enough of a lead to test out Australia. If they somehow can, it will be a great spectacle.

Joshua da Silva, the wicketkeeper who is a decent hand with the bat, will resume on 17. Alzarri Joseph is carded to join him, after a wicket fell in the final over last night. Nathan Lyon will have one ball remaining from that over.

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