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Bangladesh V England: First Men’s Cricket One-Day International – Live

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17th over: England 66-4 (Malan 33, Jacks 1) Target 210 Now, can Taskin build on that? He’s got Jacks, on ODI debut, to go at, and he gets away with a clever inside-edge between his legs for one. He’ll feel a bit better for that, while Malan now knows he’s got to bat through or close to through – which means he needs to be a little careful with what he attacks. England do still have Moeen, but after that it’s the bowlers, and though Woakes and Rashid are no mugs, there’s a lot of work still to do. And, as I type that, Taskin yanks Malan forward to nip one away from the bat! He’s got six overs left, I daresay he’ll be allowed a couple more as Tamim seeks to break the back of this match right now.

WICKET! Buttler c Shanto b Taskin 9 (England 65-3)AND THERE IT IS! THE BIGGUN! This is brilliant work from Tamim, who not only brings back his strike-bowler, but also gives him a slip. And when he finds some decent bounce, Buttler, looking to carve away behind square on the off side, instead edges to that man just inserted, who takes a smart snaffle, hands in front of phizog.

16th over: England 65-3 (Malan 33, Buttler 9) Target 210 Buttler is in now and he collars Mehidy’s first delivery, sweeping four through square leg before adding one to the same area. Malan then takes a further single to long off, and Buttler ends the over fiddling another. The scoreboard is ticking, which mans Bangladesh need a wicket.

15th over: England 58-3 (Malan 32, Buttler 3) Target 210 This is a really good contest.

REIVEW! NOT OUT!Ach, that was close, the ball jagging away from Malan’s bat as he plays around it … and it was going to clip the top of leg stump, but in an umpire’s cally kind of way.

15th over: England 58-3 (Malan 32, Buttler 3) Target 210 Bangladesh know that one more wicket quickly and they’re really in with a shout. But in the meantime, England add two singles before Malan splatters Taijul over square leg for six! Next ball, though, latter hits former on pad, implores and beseeches for lb … the umpire says nah … and at the last second, Tamim reviews.

14th over: England 50-3 (Malan 25, Buttler 2) Target 210 Mehidy is bowling a lovely spell here, ripping one past Malan’s outside edge and missing the off-bail by the thickness of a blue Rizla. Malan does, though, get off strike with a press to long off, then Buttler goes to long on for one more and Malan nabs the same to cover, raising England’s fifty as the sun sets. The drone footage of Mirpur is beautiful.

13th over: England 47-3 (Malan 23, Buttler 1) Target 210 So what does Buttler do here? Bat sensibly, looking to see it out – Eoin Morgan would never – or stick with the philosophy? He gets off the mark with a sweep, Malan adds one more, and the noise in the ground is decent, the crowd growing.

WICKET! Vince st Mushfiqur b Taijul 6 (England 45-3)I don’t know, I really don’t. I was just writing that maidens shouldn’t bother England as they’ve loads of overs and batters in hand, but Vince premeditates a mooch down, Taijul drops a little shorter, and Mushfiqur does the rest. We got ourselves a ball-game.

12th over: England 45-2 (Malan 22, Vince 6) Target 210 Mehidy Hasan is bowling beautifully, diddling Malan with a beauty that drifts, grips and nips away. Maiden.

11th over: England 45-2 (Malan 22, Vince 6) Target 210 Eeesh, after a single to Malan, Vince does really well to block a grubber, forcing bat down just in time. And then, more classic Vince, jumping down to caress over extra with a flourish – held, naturally – for four. Two singles follow, and England are back away.

10th over: England 38-2 (Malan 20, Vince 1) Target 210 Mehidy Hasan continues, his second over also the last of the powerplay. And it’s a goodun too, Malan shoving its final delivery to long on for one, the only run coming from it. The required rate is now 4.30; the current rate is 3.80 or, in other words, Bangladesh need wickets.

9th over: England 37-2 (Malan 19, Vince 1) Target 210 Vince, you’d reckon, has only an outside chance of making the World Cup squad, so needs to make the most of this chance. He turns into the on side for one, then Malan drives towards cover, and that completes an excellent over from Taijul, just two runs from it and the wicket of Salt.

WICKET! Salt b Taijul Islam 12 (England 35-2)There we go! Taijul bowls a little quicker and Salt backs away, backs away, then can’t get the bat down properly, and when there’s no turn he’s totally wrapped up, losing his leg peg, perhaps off edge or pad! Bangladesh needed that and didn’t Taijul enjoy it!

8th over: England 35-1 (Salt 12, Malan 18) Target 210 Mahidy Hasan into the attack, the third twirler deployed in just eight overs, and Malan waits for him, cutting four behind square on the off side. Next ball, he stretches down, then at the last second decides to drive, relieved to see it drop just short of extra … who fumbles, allowing the batters to run two.

7th over: England 29-1 (Salt 12, Malan 12) Target 210 Yup, they’re moving. Taijul into the attack and Malan blocks his loosener, then, prances down and wellies six over long on! A single follows, then Salt finds his edge again, squirting three away behind the wicket, and a further one means 11 off the over. Bangladesh need another breakthrough really, which isn’t me being dramatic even though I feel like I am, saying that after seven overs, but defending a small target they can’t have a team of England’s quality exceeding the rate with batters in hand.

6th over: England 18-1 (Salt 9, Malan 4) Target 210 I really like the look of Taskin, and not just because he reminds me of Tosker, who I don’t actually like. Anyhow, gratuitous nostalgia aside, after a single to Malan, Salt forces away through midwicket and it looks like Shakib should cut-off, but the ball seems to speed up as he chugs alongside, so that’s four. England are moving – a little.

5th over: England 13-1 (Salt 5, Malan 3) Target 210 Shakib continues and begins with a leg bye, then Malan eases down to go over the top but a single to midwicket is all he can manage. Salt then nudges to mid on and they go again – that’s really well-run because they’re home quick enough to take the shy out of the equation. Two to extra follows, and that’s six from the over, England’s best so far.

“May I just say how completely gutted I was to be physically unable to follow the overnight Tests in NZ,” emails Alistair Connor. “As a Kiwi in France, a daytime Test matches my sleeping hours quite precisely. The morning routine of dialling up the Guardian cricket page on my phone to find the OBO « as it happened » link, while squinting to try to avoid knowing the outcome … then frantically paging back to the start of play, still squinting … made my breakfasts absolute magic. Especially day four, with growing incredulity: my God, we’re still in this… Deep thanks to you, Tanya and the rest of the crew. It was real. Virtually.”

Ahhhh thanks, I’m choking up. Mainly because I’m still sleep-deprived. But seriously, we all love this thing of ours and its little community; getting to collate its thoughts is is our privilege.

4th over: England 7-1 (Salt 2, Malan 1) Target 210 Bangladesh have started really well here, and I guess England are torn between either doing as they do or playing with a little more circumspection on the basis that sensible batting should equal victory. Tangentially, how are we feeling about the Test situation? I’m a simpleton mark, but I totally back Stokes: frankly, his team should’ve won, so if we’re recriminating, it should be with them not with him, given the Testvangelists have already established that they’re playing for a higher purpose – the future of this beautiful thing of ours – than the basic “winning cricket matches”. Anyhow, two dots then Taksin slants across Malan and reckons he’s kissed a bit of bat so appeals exactly as you would, like it’s a fait accompli; after a long think, Tamim decides that actually it isn’t. Still, he’d’ve took a maiden, and this is a terrific contest.

3rd over: England 7-1 (Salt 2, Malan 1) Target 210 Salt takes a single to long off, and he probably knows he needs to assert himself here because there aren’t that many matches before the World Cup but there are several handy batters after his spot. Malan then adds a Red Bull-one, turning to mid on and setting off as Shanto shies and misses; I reckon he was home with a hit, just.

2nd over: England 5-1 (Salt 1, Malan 0) Target 210 Pace from the other end, Taskin opening up with a Test-match delivery, full and just outside off; Salt defends to mid on. Oh and have a look! A jaffa follows, quick and bit shorter, bouncing and missing the edge outside off. This is excellent stuff, the only run off the over coming from its final ball – another leading edge, flashed past gully to deep and squarish third. This is boiling.

WICKET! Roy c Tamim Iqbal b Shakib Al Hasan 4 (England 4-1)Hello! Roy jinks down the track and at first look seems to be trying to see how high he can sky one. The reality is probably a leading edge, but either way, Tamim has plenty time to prime and watch the ball plop into his grateful hands. Great start for the hosts!

1st over: England 4-0 (Roy 4, Salt 0) Target 210 Aaaargggghhhh! Trying to remind everyone how good he is, Roy goes hard at Shakib’s first ball and drills a return on the stretch … that Shakib can’t quite reach following through! What a start that would’ve been! Instead, Roy late cuts the fourth delivery for four.

Righto, the players are ready, Roy and Salt opening and Shakib to open.

Tymal Mills also just referred to “your 250s, your 300s,” which is not something you hear often: pluralised numbers. If anyone happens to have recorded today’s coverage, the part of my brain that is even more infantile that the rest would love to include it in this.

Presumably Harry Brook will force his way into the squad; Joe Root should be a lock, especially in India; Jonny Bairstow is to come back; Ben Stokes will surely put in an appearance; Liam Livingstone too … and that’s half a team. It’s a ridiculous state of affairs, it really is.

England do look in good nick though. An attack containing Mark Wood and Jofra Archer is a problem for anyone; add to that Adil Rashid, and perhaps the most ludicrous battery of batters the world has ever seen and they’ve got a decent chance in India – especially if, as Tymal Mills has just explained, tracks are likely to be flat.

Thanks Tanya and good morning everyone. It’s a funny one this, because Bangladesh aren’t far off a par score, and yet you kind of expect England to ease home in paradoxically frantic fashion. We shall see…

And as Steven Finn and Tymal Mills rub their hands in glee about the return to fitness of Mark Wood, it is time for me to hand over to Daniel Harris, who will be your expert guide to England’s reply. Thanks for messages – bye!

England need 210 to win47.2 overs: Bangladesh 209 all out ( Rahman 0) About twenty runs short of the par score at Mirpur, and you would imagine that it won’t give England’s stellar batting line up, playing for World Cup places, too much to worry about. A job well done by England’s bowlers: Archer got better and better, Wood was fast and timely, Woakes parsimonious, the spinners on point – Rashid in particular finding some rumbustious turn. For Bangladesh, a nice innings by Shanto and reward for the selectors for sticking with him.

WICKET! Taijul c and b Moeen 10 (Bangladesh 209 all out) A what-have-I-got-to-lose hoike and Moeen just waits for it to fall to earth

47th over: Bangladesh 209-9 ( Taijul 9, Mustafizur 0 ) A wide, a no ball and a wicket. Jofra Archer completes a pleasing ten over spell of 2-37. From a sticky start, his rhythm improved, with the usual sprinkling of unplayable jaffas.

WICKET! Taskin c Buttler b Archer 14 (Bangladesh 208-9) Taskin keeps out a slower ball but is done by a quick one that passes between body and bat and is taken by a flowing Buttler.

46th over: Bangladesh 206-8 ( Taskin 14, Taijul 9) Another wide, some awkward singles and then a quite stunning little dab through midwicket brings Taijul four. In the Bangladesh dugout, fast bowling coach Allan Donald smiles. Wood sniffs

In my inbox a sudden deluge of emails advising me how to nail professional pictures for Linkedin, how to make my home more energy efficient and what foods to eat to prevent travel sickness. Save me from these OBOers, bring me your thoughts on Jofra’s return.

45th over: Bangladesh 197-8 ( Taskin 14, Taijul 3) Another wide, these extras here and there giving Bangladesh some much-needed runs. It’s a big ask for the tailenders to pick up runs off Jofra Archer and they do well to pick up a couple of singles.

It has its moments.

44th over: Bangladesh 194-8 ( Taskin 13, Taijul 2) Hawk eye thwarts Adil Rashid, who seems to have Taskin lbw, plum as you like on the back pad. Taskin reviews, but a suddenly generous Hawkeye suggests that the ball would have bounced over the top of the stumps. To squeeze more salt into the wound, Taskin swings the next ball with vigour into the (very male) crowd for six! Four follows through third to great delight.

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