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Berlin Senator Attacked Amid Trend Of Assaults On German Politicians – Europe Live

Berlin senator struck on head amid attacks on German politiciansFranziska Giffey, a Berlin senator and former city mayor, was injured when a man struck her from behind with a heavy object in a local library, police said today, Reuters reported.

Giffey, local minister for the economy and a member of the Social Democrats (SPD), was hit on the head and neck with a bag containing something hard, the police statement said. Giffey went to hospital for a short time.

The attack comes at a time of growing concern in Germany about a spate of attacks against politicians.

Four German teenagers are being investigated over a violent attack on Matthias Ecke, a member of the European parliament for the Social Democrats, that left him hospitalised with serious injuries.

Ecke was kicked and beaten to the ground on Friday evening as he put up bill posters for the SPD in the eastern city of Dresden.

Gertrud Hass Library in Alt-Rudow the day after the attack Attack on Franziska Giffey, Rudow, Berlin. Photograph: dts News Agency Germany/REX/Shutterstock

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