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Biden Compares Fight Against Hitler To Resisting Putin In Normandy Remarks – Live

Biden compares fight against Hitler to resisting PutinJoe Biden compared the storming of Normandy’s beaches that led to the allies defeating the Nazis in Europe to the campaign to oppose Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

“Every Marine who stormed this beaches decided a feared dictator, who had conquered a continent, had finally met his match. Because of them, the war turned. They stood against Hitler’s aggression,” Biden said.

He then turned to the challenges of today:

Does anyone doubt that they would want America to stand up against Putin’s aggression here in Europe today? They stormed the beaches alongside their allies. Does anyone believe these rangers want America to go alone today?

They fought to vanquish a hateful ideology the 30s and 40s. Does anyone doubt they wouldn’t move heaven and earth to vanquish hateful ideologies of today? These rangers put mission and country above themselves. Does anyone believe they would exact any less from every American today?

These rangers remembered with reverence those who gave their lives in battle. Could they, or anyone, ever imagine that America wouldn’t do the same?

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