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England And Germany Fans Clash In Düsseldorf After Hosts’ Euro 2024 Exit

England and Germany fans were involved in clashes in Düsseldorf on Friday night, according to reports.

Video footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows a group of England fans outside a bar in the city, taunting nearby Germany supporters about their side’s exit and singing “Germans going home”.

A brief scuffle then broke out between a handful of people, who aimed punches and kicks at each other with some objects thrown before the Germany fans appeared to move away.

Quick GuideHow do I sign up for sport breaking news alerts?ShowDownload the Guardian app from the iOS App Store on iPhone or the Google Play store on Android by searching for ‘The Guardian’.If you already have the Guardian app, make sure you’re on the most recent version.In the Guardian app, tap the Menu button at the bottom right, then go to Settings (the gear icon), then Notifications.Turn on sport notifications.Thousands of England supporters are in the German city ahead of Saturday’s Euro 2024 quarter-final with Switzerland. The host nation’s tournament ended with an extra-time defeat to Spain in Stuttgart earlier on Friday.

The PA news agency has contacted police in Düsseldorf for comment.

More details to follow

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