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England V India: Second Women’s T20 Cricket International – Live Updates

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6th over: England 29-3 (Smith 7, Jones 7) Four off it including a lucky top edge over the keeper from Amy Jones. Powerplay done and it firmly belongs to India. Radha Yadav is coming on for a bowl.

5th over: England 25-3 (Smith 6, Jones 4) Five runs from the over as Smith and Jones look to re-build. Their partnership making me think of this partnership:

4th over: England 20-3 (Smith 2, Jones 3) Skipper Jones arrives at the crease with her side in all sorts of strife. She’s busy and her and Smith combine to pick up singles, thankfully without fatal results.

WICKET! Capsey run out (Kaur/Radha) 4 (England 16-3)Disaster! Capsey is run out trying to come back for a third run but Bryony Smith sends her back and Capsey is run out by half a pitch. Proper breakdown in communication there and Capsey throws her head to the heavens as she trudges off. It was smart work on the boundary by Radha who relayed the ball to Kaur to wang into the keeper, who fumbled, but had plenty of time to recover and do for Capsey.

3rd over: England 16-3 (Smith 1)

WICKET! Wyatt c Rana b Thakur 6 (England 13-2)Danni Wyatt is on her way now too, she had to play at a probing ball from Thakur that just straightened and took the shoulder of her blade. Well held by Rana at slip, low and to her left.

2nd over: England 13-1 (Wyatt 6, Capsey 2) Alice Capsey is the new batter, she clips off her toes to get off the mark with a single. England under pressure after the early wicket, they are content to rotate strike. Four runs from the over.

WICKET! Dunkley st Ghosh b Sharma 5 (England 9-1)Dunkley gone! She tries to launch Deepti Sharma down the ground but misses by some distance and is stranded way out of her ground. Ghosh removes the bails almost apologetically and India have their first scalp.

1st over: England 9-0 (Dunkley 5, Wyatt 4) Movement early for Thakur, Dunkley watches the first ball seam in quite prodigiously. The next ball is pushed fuller and Dunkley has a swish and misses. That’s the first boundary thought, Dunkley clips elegantly off her pads to the mid-wicket fence. A single brings Wyatt on strike and she plays a lovely late glide in the gap for four more! Nice start for England.

Here come the players, Wyatt and Dunkley walk with purpose to the crease and Renuka Thakur has the new white ball in her grasp for India. It’s a sunny, calm and bright evening in Derby. “Derbados” as Dominic Cork notes drily on the tv commentary.

Ten minutes or so to the start of play. If my calculations are correct then I make it 13 years since England’s women last lost a T20I in Derby. 2009 and many moons ago. The players are about to partake in a minute’s silence and then we’ll have the anthems too.

Here’s how India line up:


Looking forward to watching Ghosh and Kaur for India’s women this evening. England need to select Crikey and Wow to stand a chance.

— daniel norcross (@norcrosscricket) September 13, 2022 Here’s how England are lining up:

An unchanged XI for the second IT20 at Derby.

We’ve won the toss and will bat first.

— England Cricket (@englandcricket) September 13, 2022 England win the toss and will batAmy Jones wins the toss and is all smiles at a sunlit Incora County Ground as she informs Lydia Greenway that they will have first use.

Harmanpreet suggests that her side are happy to bowl and chase under lights later on.

Both sides are unchanged from the first game in Durham.

Here’s some pre-game reading:

PreambleHello and welcome to this second T20I OBO of England v India at Derby.

England prospered on a wet and cold one up in Durham on Sunday night, the conditions in early September in the north-east were more suited to Heathcliff than they were for Harmanpreet Kaur’s side.

A sluggish pitch and soggy outfield saw India go down by nine wickets with 42 balls remaining. Sarah Glenn scooping player of the match with her 4-23 and opener Sophia Dunkley hitting a composed and stylish 61 off 44 balls to steer England home.

It’s a three match series so all to play for in this second game, the play will be underway at 6pm and I’ll be back with the teams and the toss very shortly.

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