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F1 Dutch Grand Prix: Race Updates – Live!

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Lap 64/72: Russell takes things into his own hands and picks off Hamilton! That didn’t look like team orders. “I can’t believe you guys! Eff me, man! I’m so effing angry now,” yells Hamilton. He didn’t like the fact that his teammate was beckoned in for soft tyres while he stayed out.

Lap 63/72: Verstappen has open up a then-second gap. The question now is whether Mercedes use Russell, with fresher tyres than his teammate, to hunt down Verstappen.

Lap 61/72: And Verstappen isn’t hanging about, searing past Hamilton at the restart by using tow then pulling out around his rival into P1. Verstappen leads!

Lap 61/72: Right hen. It’s a straightforward sprint finish now. Hamilton leading, then Verstappen, Russell, Leclerc, Sainz.

Lap 60/72: “It’s going to be hard to keep that car behind me, guys,” winces Hamilton. The safety car will be out of here after this lap.

Lap 59/72: When the race restarts, Hamilton will be leading on (currently) 10-lap-old mediums. Verstappen is behind him on softs that are 5 laps old.

Lap 58/72: Russell also stays out, while Leclerc and Perez head in. “I lost the engine,” explains Bottas. Safety car is still out.

Lap 56/72: A real safety car now, and Verstappen heads in for new soft tyres. Hamilton stays out to inherit the lead!

Lap 55/72: Now Valtteri Bottas stops on the track – right on the main straight – and we get a yellow flag.

Even more confusion surrounding Yuki Tsunoda

He comes in for a pitstop after claiming he had a loose wheel, but the mechanics appear to be tightening his seatbelt

He leaves the pits, pulls over to the side of the track and is now out of the race

— Sky Sports F1 (@SkySportsF1) September 4, 2022 Lap 54/72: “That VSC has stuffed us,” huffs Hamilton over the radio. He’s right.

Lap 53/72: The top 10:

1 Verstappen

2 Hamilton

3 Russell

4 Leclerc

5 Perez

6 Ocon

7 Sainz

8 Norris

9 Alonso

10 Stroll

Lap 50/72: Green flag. The upshot of that is Verstappen saved himself the 10 or so seconds he’d have lost to Hamilton at a normal pitstop. The Mercedes man has some fresh tyres he wasn’t expecting –but he’ll do pretty well to catch the Verstappen, who signals his intent by clocking up a fastest lap.

Lap 49/72: Verstappen jumps at the the chance to pit. Mercedes also double stack their drivers and put new mediums on Hamilton and Russell. The VSC is still out, with Hamilton 17secs behind Verstappen.

Lap 48/72: Tsunoda’s team appear to be checking his belt and wheel. He toddles out of the pit lane, but then again says it’s “not OK” and is told to stop. Virtual safety car!

47/72: Leclerc is instructed that Hamilton is “faster than expected” on his hards; he goes in for hard compounds of his own, coming out in fourth. Then Sainz pits and emerges in P9.

Lap 45/72: “Tyres not fitted, tyres not fitted!” barks Tsunoda into his radio as he veers to a stop by the side of the track. He eventually gets moving again, now claiming it’s “OK”, but then heads into the pits. An odd one.

Lap 42/72: So, an absorbing race is about to enter its final act stages, with few clues as to how it’ll all pan out. Verstappen and Leclerc occupy first and second, but both will need another stop – and probably soon – and will surrender their places to the Mercedes pair of Hamilton and Russell (currently third and fourth) when they do. The simply question is whether the Mercedes duo will have it in them to defend their leads against the fresh tyres of their pursuers.

Lap 39/72: And now it’s Russell who roars past Perez, whose tyres didn’t have much left in them after his battle with Hamilton. The bad news for Hamilton is that battle cost him about three seconds: he’s 18secs behind Verstappen, with Leclerc between the,m.

Lap 37/72: Hamilton tries the same trick a lap later and this time pulls it off, passing the Ferrari around the outside on turn one, then shuts the door on when an irked Perez makes a quickfire attempt to reclaim P3.

Lap 36/72: Hamilton attacks Perez on the straight and looks to go the long way round, but Perez pushes him wide and holds him off. The duel continues.

Lap 33/72: The top 10, with every driver having pitted:

1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

2. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

3. Sergio Perez (Red Bull)

4. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

5. George Russell (Mercedes)

6. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)

7. Lando Norris (McLaren)

8. Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)

9. Fernando Alonso (Alpine)

10. Esteban Ocon (Alpine)

Lap 32/72: Russell, the only driver not to pit, eventually succumbs and gives up P2 to Leclerc. He comes out just behind his teammate but still ahead of Sainz, who’ll be rueing that pitiful pit stop.

Lap 29/72: Hamilton pits from the lead and his team whack on a set of hard compounds – which will see him through to the finish line. He emerges in P5, ahead of Sainz, behind Perez and 19secs behind Verstappen, who will need another stop before the race is out.

Lap 27/72: “This is looking good Lewis,” say the Mercedes team. “Hamilton may try a one-stop,” Leclerc is told. Meanwhile, the Dutchie passes Russell to the left-hand side: Verstappen takes P2, three seconds behind leader Hamilton.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton rounds a bend. Photograph: Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty ImagesLap 25/72: It’s the first time this season Mercedes have occupied the top two spots in a GP. Enjoy it while it lasts, lads.

Oh dear:

Lap 23/72: The top five makes good reading for the Mercs, though both are yet to pit. Meanwhile, Zhou picks up a five-second penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

2. George Russell (Mercedes)

3. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

4. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

5. Sergio Perez (Red Bull)

Lap 20/72: “It was a mess” huffs Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto, about that pit stop. He ain’t wrong. However, Sainz’s team assure him “We’re still on Plan A”.

Lap 18/72: Leclerc heads into the pits before Verstappen does the same from the lead to leave Hamilton and Russell in first and second. But their mediums were always going to last longer.

Lap 15/72: Calamity in the Ferrari pit! Carlos Sainz screeches into the pits for a change of tyres and his team, apparently taken by surprise, seem to forget to bring out the rear left. Cue much scuttling around. Carlos Sainz eventually heads off after 12.7secs stationary, having plunged from from P3 to P11. “Oh. My. God.” he says over the radio.

Spanish Formula One driver Carlos Sainz of Ferrari in the pits. Photograph: Christian Bruna/EPALap 13/72: Ricciardo, Gasly and Alonso are the next into the pits. They’re going early because the softs tyres are showing high desegregation.

Lap 11/72: Alonso rattles past Gasly going into turn one and a lap later does the very same to his teammate Tsunoda to put himself in P11. Vettel has hits the pits for reasons unknown.

Lap 9/72: Hamilton has Sainz in his sights but just as the Mercedes prepares to pounce, the Spaniard escapes away going into turn one. Hamilton is enjoying himself out there, though, and won’t be deterred. A battle to keep our eye on.

Lap 7/72: Slowly but surely, Leclerc is eating into Verstappen’s lead, whittling it down by nearly half a second over the last three laps. Russell uses DRS to reclaim P6 from Norris.

Lap 5/72: Hamilton gains on Sainz. The top five is as follows:

1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

2. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

3. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)

4. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

5. Lando Norris (McLaren)

Lap 3/72: Magnussen tells his team all’s fine and sets to work catching up the other 19 drivers. Verstappen has made a flawless start and leads by over a second. Ocon, by the way, has clawed up three places to P9.

Lap 2/72: Kevin Magnussen ploughs into the gravel and hits the barrier, but he digs himself out and gets going again – seemingly undamaged for now, but let’s see…

Lap 1/72: No damage for either driver. Norris has overtaken Russell for sixth while Stroll sprints to P8.

Lap 1/72: Sainz and Hamilton make contact going into turn one as Verstappen keeps his lead!

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr. and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in action at the start. Photograph: Yves Herman/ReutersLewis Hamilton and George Russell both starts on mediums. Softs for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Almost ready to go…

The drivers chug out for the formation lap while grey clouds gather overhead. Your weather update:

#F1 #BBCF1 #DUTCHGP RACE: With 15 mins to race start, air temp is 22.7C & the track 34.7C. Not as breezy as last 2 days; wind today from WNW. Cloud has increased lately; a couple of small showers recently in area, but risk is low. FIA official chance of rain is 20% for this event

— Ian Fergusson (@fergieweather) September 4, 2022 Lando Norris reckons it’ll be a different race to last year’s: “There’ll be more overtaking, there’s more opportunities. It’s not going to be a huge amount better, but a step forward. So I think there’s still chance, which can lead to different strategies more this year than last year.”

How they start1 Max Verstappen, Red Bull

2 Charles Leclerc, Ferrari

3 Carlos Sainz, Ferrari

4 Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

5 Sergio Perez, Red Bull

6 George Russell, Mercedes

7 Lando Norris, McLaren

8 Mick Schumacher, Haas

9 Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri

10 Lance Stroll, Aston Martin

11 Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri

12 Esteban Ocon, Alpine

13 Fernando Alonso, Alpine

14 Zhou Guanyu, Alfa Romeo

15 Alex Albon, Williams

16 Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo

17 Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren

18 Kevin Magnussen, Haas

19 Sebastian Vettel, McLaren

20 Nicholas Latifi, Williams

The Red Bull team have changed the power unit in Sergio Perez’s car after a collision yesterday. “Just a precaution”, assures Horner.

Christian Horner speaks: “I think several aspects are going to be crucial. The first is the start: getting away cleanly and then, how are the tyres going to behave? Is it a two stop, is it a one stop? Will Ferrari split their strategies? We’ve just got to focus on getting the best out of ourselves. It’s a tricky little circuit to overtake at. Max did a hell of a job yesterday with the pole, but we’ve got to try to convert that today.”

Nico Rosberg says Fernando Alonso is such a good driver because he has a “samurai presence” on the first lap. What’s your favourite samurai film? Throne of Blood? Shogun Assassin? 13 Assassins? I have always been partial to Zatoichi.

The week’s big story broke in the wee hours of Friday night: Aussie starlet Oscar Piastri will be driving for McLaren next season after a bitter contract dispute between them an Alpine (poor Piastri did not enjoy all the arguing):

Verstappen is the only one of the front-runners kitted out with a fresh set of softs. He took first place here last year with a two-stop strategy, so no reason not to expect the same today

The drivers make their way to the grid as the light goes green for the pit lane. Cue pandemonium among the orange-clad crowd.

Dutch fans drink in the atmosphere. Photograph: Alex Pantling/Formula 1/Getty ImagesHow’s this for chaos, from the F2 GP. Jack Doohan’s title hope’s all but dashed by a haywire safety car restart:

And the big preview of Verstappen’s home GP:

Here’s our full report from yesterday’s qualifying:

PreambleAt what point does the question move from from ‘who’ to ‘when’? As Max Verstappen steams further clear with each race, his rivals now vanishing specks in his rearview mirror, the identity of this season’s F1 champion is becoming less pertinent than just how early he’ll get it done. Michael Schumacher’s all-time record – he clinched the 2002 title with six races to go –looks just out of sight but if Verstappen keeps up his current form then he could be collecting his crown as early as Japan or even Singapore.

And judging by yesterday, that form is not about to dip anytime soon: Verstappen was pushed to the limit by Charles Leclerc in qualifying but he pulled out all the stops and recored a majestic 1:10:342 that sees him start his home GP from pole. With overtaking tricky here, that leaves an ominous task for the chasing pack.

About that chasing pack: Mercedes pair of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell threatened to have mastered their mercurial car in practice but were left disappointed yesterday, in fourth and sixth, not least because it was Sergio Perez’s spin that forced a whirlwind Hamilton – a tenth up on Verstappen’s time – to back off, his lap ruined. “The car was strong today and I felt I could go quicker,” Hamilton said. “I’ll definitely be pushing as hard as I can for a podium.”

Charles Leclerc looked back to his formidable best after a painful last few races, and his Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz snuck into third. Can they launch an unlikely two-pronged attack on the untouchable Verstappen? They’re going to have to try.

Lights out 2:10pm BST.

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