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Italy V Iceland: Women’s Euro 2022 – Live!

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Iceland’s change is, Thorsteinn Halldórsson explained to Uefa, “Not very deep thinking.” But he felt Atladottir wouldn’t last 90 minutes, “so we just needed fresh legs there.”

Both teams play the same formation as in their first game, but Italy make two changes, replacing Bonansea and Girelli, their two strikers, with Giacinti and Piemonte, while Iceland swap right-backs, Vidarsdóttir in for Atladottir.

Teams!Italy (4-4-2): Guiliani; Di Guglielmo, Gama, Linari, Boattin; Bergamaschi, Simonetti, Rosucci, Caruso; Piemonte, Giacinti. Subs: Schroffenegger, Durante, Galli, Guigliano, Sabatino, Girelli, Bonansea, Bartoli, Bonfantini, Filangeri, Lenzini.

Iceland (4-3-3): Sigurdardottir; Vidarsdottir E, Arnardottir Gudr, Viggosdottir Gl, Gisladottir; Jonsdottir G, Brynjarsdottir, Gunnarsdottir; Jonsdottir, S Thorvaldsdottir, Vilhjalmsdottir. Subs: Sveinbjornsdottir, Atladottir, Sigurdardottir I, Magnusdottir, Johannsdottir, Jensen, Albertsdottir, Gunnlaugsdottir, Arnadottir Gudn, Gudmundsdottir, Jacobsen Andradottir.

Referee: Lina Lehtovaara (Finland)

PreambleIt seems fair to posit that a 5-1 gubbing is a questionable way to begin a tournament – though presumably there are folk on the internet who’ll argue to the contrary – but despite that, Italy are no mugs. First of all, France are a terrific side with an almost embarrassing array of attacking talent, but more than that, in the last year or so, the Azzurre – who reached the last eight of the World Cup – have beaten Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland, as well as drawing with Austria, Sweden and Spain. They can play.

But they’ll probably need to win today, against an Iceland side who are also no mugs. It’s true that they couldn’t finish above Sweden in qualifying, but there’s no shame in that, and they reached the competition as one of the best runners-up because they’re decent at the back without being toothless in attack. They know they’ve the ability to come second in this group, but they also know that a defeat today and they’re done for. This is jeopardy!

Kick-off: 5pm BST

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