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Keir Starmer Calls For More Devolution In Welsh Labour Conference Speech

Keir Starmer has called for more devolution in his address to the Welsh Labour conference.

In a keynote speech at the gathering in Llandudno, the Labour leader said it was time to use the spirit of devolution to “transform Britain, give the communities and great nations of this country the powers they need to control their destiny”.

“Here in Wales, it’s fair to say you know the difference Labour can make better than other parts of Britain,” he said.

He urged delegates not to “forget how the Tories meted out the pain to Wales over 13 years”.

”We need to meet the forces of division with renewed hope,” he said.

“That’s what our five national missions are all about. I will never accept that this country is destined for decline, that our best days belong to the past. Success is all around us, it just needs direction.”

He said there was an “impatience for change and national renewal” and “the British people are turning to Labour to provide it”.

The politics of restoring hope is hard because the change offered “must also be credible” and “working people have had enough of false promises”, he said.

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