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New Zealand V Australia: First Test, Day Three – Live

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43rd over: Australia 142-7 (Green 34, Starc 3) Starc is the new man, two dots for him to have a sighter and then he works neatly into the gap in the leg side to pick up three runs. Australia lead by 346 runs with three wickets remaining.

WICKET! Carey c Southee b Phillips 3 (Australia 139-7)Sharp catch by Tim Southee! Phillips gets his fourth wicket of the innings, tossing one up outside off that Carey drives in the air and straight to Southee at short cover, only about five metres away from the bat. The Kiwi skipper clings on to a reflex catch with both hands. New Zealand into the tail…

42nd over: Australia 138-6 (Green 33, Carey 3) The magnificently tousled Rachin Ravindra is coming on for his first bowl in the match. Starts with a full toss that Carey misses out on. A sweep brings Green on strike. Ravindra lollops in, left arm around the wicket, no discernible spin but a tidy action. Two off the over.

41st over: Australia 136-6 (Green 32, Carey 2) Phillips gives it some more air and nearly pockets Alex Carey who throws his hands at the ball and spoons it into the gap in the off side. Phillips throws his head back and allows himself a chuckle, he thought he had another there.

Epic pic from Collo:

40th over: Australia 134-6 (Green 32, Carey 1) Cameron Green is still in the middle, he flays Southee up and over a diving Phillips in the gully for four. A back foot punch brings two more. New Zealand are buoyed, these runs will take some chasing even if Australia were skittled without another run being added, but they’ve given themselves a hint of a whiff of a sniff here in Wellington.

39th over: Australia 127-6 (Green 26, Carey 0) A small matter of a double wicket maiden for Glenn Phillips. Australia lead by 331 runs.

Fielders round the bat… Here we go… Phillips throws it wide of off stump and Carey leaves well alone. No hat-trick but New Zealand back in the game at the Basin!

WICKET! Marsh c Young b Phillips 0 (Australia 127-6)Glenn Phillips is on a Test hat-trick! Mitch Marsh pops a catch to Will Young at bat pad off his very first ball. Now then! Alex Carey will be on strike for the big moment…

Glenn Phillips dismisses Mitchell Marsh first ball and the New Zealand all-rounder is on a hat-trick. Photograph: Hagen Hopkins/Getty ImagesWICKET! Head c Kuggeleijn b Phillips 29 (Australia 127-5)Head goes for a big one but the bat skews in his hands and he plinks it to Kuggeleijn three quarters of the way back to the fence!

Travis Head is caught trying to send a Glenn Phllips delivery over the fence. Photograph: Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images38th over: Australia 127-4 (Green 26, Head 29) Shot! Green unfurls a lovely straight drive off Southee, the ball skimming to the boundary at long on.

37th over: Australia 122-4 (Green 22, Head 28) Glenn Phillips is given the nod and starts with a lovely looping delivery that tempts Head into a big swish but spin sharply to leave him grasping outside off stump. The walrus moustachioed Head then rocks back and plays a cut for three runs, Tom Latham hunting the ball down in the deep.

36th over: Australia 119-4 (Green 22, Head 25) Tim Southee starts things off, Cameron Green greets a length ball with an open face and a glide for four. Lovely touch from the big man. DROP! Green then smacks one straight back to Southee who can’t cling on above his head, tough chance but New Zealand need to take them.

“Morning / Afternoon / Evening James.”

Just ticking up to 1am here in London Patrick O’Brien.

“Is it just me or does Will O’Rourke sound like a 90s indie rocker who played ‘angular’ guitar but always had an underlying passion for country music ie has the original vinyl of Sweetheart of the Rodeo? I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.”

I’m all for it. I’d go watch Will O’Rourke’s acoustic noodlings at the Half Moon Cafe. Care to join?

Here come the players for the afternoon session, Green and Head stroll out to the middle under cloudy Wellington skies. Let’s play!

Time for some sustenance, join us for the afternoon session shortly and please do fling a missive into the OBO mailbag.

Lunch: Australia 113-4 (Lead by 317 runs)Gah. Glenn Phillips has the final over of the session and he drops too short, allowing Head to flay him away through the leg side for a boundary. Same again, Phillips kicks the turf as he serves up a short one for Head to feast on before lunch can begin in earnest. Australia finish strongly and will be more than happy with their morning’s work: 100 runs added 27 overs for the loss of two wickets – Lyon and Khawaja.

35th over: Australia 113-4 (Green 17, Head 24)

34th over: Australia 105-4 (Green 17, Head 16) New Zealand in danger of letting their decent morning’s graft get away from them as Kuggeleijn replaces O’Rourke and is picked off for two boundaries in the over by Travis Head. A pull for four off the hip is followed by a cut shot for four more – Head backs to leg and generates just enough room to play the stroke. He’s so dangerous, New Zealand have to get him before he gets them.

33rd over: Australia 96-4 (Green 17, Head 7) Phillips sends down his first bad ball of the morning, a half tracker that Green pounces on and pummels into the grass bank for SIX!

32nd over: Australia 87-4 (Green 11, Head 4) O’Rourke has been a revelation this morning, he reels off his fourth maiden of the morning.

“Hi James,

I appreciated the Verve Lucky Man song reference. It got me thinking. Since Urban Hymns was released in 1997, NZ and Australia have played 28 tests, with NZ recording one win, in Hobart in 2011. The phrase “meagre returns” doesn’t even begin to describe NZ’s record in this format.

Not so much Lucky Man or men then. I’d suggest Weeping Willow or Space and Time from Urban Hymns as more accurate descriptors of this cricket rivalry, if we can call it that.

“There ain’t no space and time

To keep our love alive

We have existence and it’s all we share.”

Many thanks, David – NZ Cricket supporter in Tokyo

30th over: Australia 87-4 (Green 11, Head 4) All gone a bit tense out there as Green takes a single off Philips. Australia with half an eye on lunch. New Zealand will be adding two wickets to this score and thinking they can winkle their way back into the game.

Enjoyed this from Andy Roberts. I knew I’d reel in someone…

“Hi James,

Listening as I plod away at my Uni course during the morning. Enjoying Australia’s acendency, but nearly choked on my coffee when I read your line “I reckon even the most fair dinkum Aussie fan wouldn’t mind a bit of a Kiwi fightback to make it interesting here?” Sorry James, but that’s not how we do sport. Instead, I would prefer to see a pair of quickfire double centuries from Head and Green, followed by a Kiwi batting collapse and some Blackcaps eating a big old serve of humble pie after yet another smashing by Australia. What world do you live in where you want to see the enemy team play well? Must be an English thing… cheers and hope you enjoy the day’s play. Tongue out of cheek now, I think the Aussies are set to go big today – should be a treat to watch.”

FYI – I reckon Andy is Australian.

29th over: Australia 86-4 (Green 10, Head 4) O’Rourke to Head, good battle this. The bowler is naggingly accurate and Head is itching to feel bat on ball. A clip over the infield brings the batter three runs.

28th over: Australia 82-4 (Green 9, Head 1) Head nearly perishes after missing a straight full bunger from Phillips, an under edge saves him and also gets him off the mark.

27th over: Australia 81-4 (Green 9, Head 0) New Zealand have bowled well since drinks – O’Rourke has kept the pressure on and the scoring to a minimum. The young quick stitches together another maiden and very nearly sneaks a yorker through Green’s defences. Australia lead by 285 runs.

26th over: Australia 81-4 (Green 9, Head 0) Travis Head is the new batter and he is going through a lean patch too – just one run from his last three Test innings. He pats Phillips’ final ball back.

WICKET! Khawaja st Blundell b Phillips 28 (Australia 81-4)Phillips throws one full and wide to try and draw Khawaja into a drive against the spin. The batter looks tempted but decides better of it right at the last. Ussie tries a reverse sweep to the next ball but fails to connect, the ball thunking into his cable knitted mid-riff. Got him! Khawaja comes out of his crease to try and mow a length ball down the ground but swipes at fresh air, Tom Blundell gathers and whips off the bails with the opener out of his ground.

Usman Khawaja is stumped by New Zealand keeper Tom Blundell for a patient 28. Photograph: Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images25th over: Australia 80-3 (Khawaja 27, Green 9) Khawaja paddles Phillips for a couple and then dances down to drive through cover for three more.

Simon McMahon’s had a dram or two before hitting the keypad. Lovely stuff as ever.

“Hi Jim. I love sporting rivalries, whether it be individual, like Borg – McEnroe or Ali – Frazier, or national, like India – Pakistan, Brazil – Argentina. Being Scottish, I have a particular affinity with New Zealand, the Scotland to Australia’s England. Though I’m a big supporter of the England cricket team, for reasons I probably shouldn’t go into on a Friday night after one or six whiskies. Really hoping the Black Caps can do something special here and make a game of it, though I have my doubts. That’s what being Scottish does to you…”

I reckon even the most fair dinkum Aussie fan wouldn’t mind a bit of a Kiwi fightback to make it interesting here?

24th over: Australia 75-3 (Khawaja 22, Green 9) O’Rourke to Green, the batter stands tall and punches a single to cover. New Zealand are already staring down the barrel of needing a record run chase at the Basin as the Aussie lead creeps up to 279 runs.

23rd over: Australia 73-3 (Khawaja 21, Green 8) Glenn Phillips continues and perhaps reveals how hard any run chase is going to be on this wicket with Nathan Lyon in the opposition. He gets bite and sharp turn off a length, squaring Khawaja up and razzing one past the outside edge.

22nd over: Australia 71-3 (Khawaja 19, Green 5) O’Rourke starts them off after a slurp and he’s accurate once again, hitting a fourth stump line and keeping Cameron Green honest. A maiden.

21st over: Australia 71-3 (Khawaja 19, Green 5) Time for the spin of Glenn Phillips, he bustles to the crease and gets plenty into his action, there’s some turn off the wicket but he can’t quite get his line correct, Green and Khawaja pocket three singles and it is time for a big fat shot of Powerade. Other beverages are available. Australia lead by 275 and have only lost Nathan Lyon thus far this morning.

Runs scored in six most recent Test knocks:

110 – Pat Cummins

103 – Nathan Lyon

52 – Mitchell Starc

28 – Josh Hazlewood

22 – Marnus Labuschagne#NZvAUS

— Nic Savage (@nic_savage1) March 1, 2024 20th over: Australia 68-3 (Khawaja 19, Green 5) O’Rourke starts with a maiden, full and in the channel outside off stump. Khawaja is happy to leave well alone.

19th over: Australia 68-3 (Khawaja 19, Green 5) Kuggeleijn is full and Khawaja drives for a couple back past the bowler. He seems to have cracked his bat in the process so there is a short delay whilst a new piece of willow is called for. Will O’Rourke is coming into the attack as the strains of The Verve’s ‘Lucky Man’ float around the Basin reserve. New Zealand need some fire in the hands here.

18th over: Australia 64-3 (Khawaja 16, Green 4) Henry raps Khawaja on the bottom hand, this pitch has still got plenty in it. Green uses his feet to come down the wicket to Henry but is then happy to let the ball go outside off stump. A full ball takes Green’s inside edge and Henry puts his arms to his head, that was out if Green missed it. Shot! Khawaja gets a half volley in the slot and doesn’t miss out, driving away in the gap for his first boundary.

17th over: Australia 58-3 (Khawaja 11, Green 3) Scott Kuggeleijn into the attack in place of Southee. Khawaja tickles a single to bring the in-form Green onto strike. The big fella stands tall and punches through cover to pick up three runs off his first ball. Kuggeleijn slings a coupe wide of the off stump that Khawaja pays no heed to.

WICKET! Lyon c Young b Henry 41 (Australia 53-3)Henry nearly cleans up Lyon with one that moves back late but is then flicked away for four next ball as Lyon moves into the 40s. Lyon has the highest amount of runs for someone without a Test fifty in Test cricket… but he won’t get there today! Another clip is well clung onto by Young at short midwicket. An enterprising knock comes to an end, Cameron Green is the new man.

16th over: Australia 53-3 (Khawaja 9, Green)

New Zealand dismiss Nathan Lyon following a quick-fire 41 runs from 46 balls. Photograph: Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images15th over: Australia 47-2 (Khawaja 8, Lyon 36) Edge! Lyon gets away with one that flies in the gap between third slip and gully and finds the fence. And again – Lyon throws the bat at another length ball and this time the edge flies pas the right hand of Glenn Phillips in the gully. Three in a row, too wide from Southee and Lyon throws his hands at it, a big edge flies over point and away for another four! Lyon has never hit a Test fifty… a single sees him keep strike as Southee beats Khawaja with a beauty that zips outside off to finish the over.

Nathan Lyon smacks three consecutive boundaries off Tim Southee as Australia build their lead against New Zealand. Photograph: Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images14th over: Australia 34-2 (Khawaja 8, Lyon 24) Khawaja continues in his sedate but merry fashion, a single brings Lyon on strike and he pushes nicely down the ground to pick up three runs.

13th over: Australia 30-2 (Khawaja 7, Lyon 21) Lyon shakes his mitt a few times but is good to continue. Shot! Southee sends down another short one but Lyon is up to it and more – pulling away over midwicket for a one bounce four.

12th over: Australia 26-2 (Khawaja 7, Lyon 17) Good and aggressive move from New Zealand as the short leg is put in close under the lid and Henry is bowling short of a length into the ribs. Lyon will have a job to do in the final innings with the ball, not a bad shout to get him hopping about the crease and thinking about protecting those magical digits. Sure enough he takes a blow on the glove and it looks a painful one.

11th over: Australia 23-2 (Khawaja 7, Lyon 14) Lyon flashes hard outside off stump and the edge flies up and over the slips for four, he can be a very dangerous batter if he gets his eye in. A single dropped into the off side sees Lyon keep strike.

10th over: Australia 18-2 (Khawaja 7, Lyon 9) Matt Henry to start from t’other end. He’s full and at the pads, Khawaja jamming down just in time to keep the bowler out. Cable knit on for Khawaja, it looks like it could even be a two jumper day. Three left alone wide of off stump before a quick single dropped into the off side. Lyon has one ball to face and… he flicks off his hip for a single to keep strike.

9th over: Australia 16-2 (Khawaja 6, Lyon 8) Tim Southee gets day three underway, three slips and a gully in place. Usman Khawaja takes a single off his pads to get Australia ticking. Close! Lyon gets a meaty edge on a decent length ball but it lands in the gap and the batters scamper two runs.

Here come the players, a stiff Wellington breeze rippling the whites as they take to the field. Fingers crossed for some fireworks… Let’s play!

Marnus’ lean patch continues. A needless flick late in the day saw him caught by the keeper down the leg side, exactly the sort of dismissal that happens when you are going through a bad trot.

It looks a bit cloudy and breezy in Wellington this morning, Tim Southee and Matt Henry have a ball that is only eight overs old and bowled with great skill last evening. It’s a cliche but the first hour is huge, if Australia make it through unscathed it could effectively be curtains for the Kiwis.

New Zealand need to take early wickets, realistically they need to blitz through Australia’s batting card in the next couple of hours to leave themselves a target of around 350. That might give them an outside chance…

I’m nervous 😬 I just hope Tim Southee comes out strong and gets some early wickets!!! #NZvAUS

— Aaron 🇳🇿 🦍 (@BlizzardKing_) March 1, 2024 Cameron Green will have to wait his turn for the time being, Usman Khawaja and nightwatchman Nathan Lyon will resume at the crease this morning.

Whilst I make myself comfortable and settle my haunches into the well worn grooves of the OBO armchair, why not catch up on yesterday’s action?


James Wallace

Hello and welcome to the day three OBO of New Zealand v Australia from the Basin Reserve in Wellington. Yesterday was a day to forget for the home side, after being skittled out cheaply for 179 runs they find themselves behind the 8 ball with plenty to do to get back in the match. A couple of quick wickets late last evening – Messrs Smith and Labuschagne back in the hutch cheaply – will have given them some hope but Pat Cummins’ men are ahead by a whopping 217 runs with eight wickets in hand.

Play begins at 11am local time, 9am AEDT, 10pm here in London. Jim here with the call, please do drop me an Email or tweet @Jimbo_Cricket. Let’s do this.

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