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Original Observer Photography

Photograph: Sophia Evans/The Observer

Actor Liz Kingsman photographed for the New Review ahead of her new one-woman show.

Photograph: Perou/The Observer

Photograph: Jelle Krings/The Observer

A fish smoker in the frontline village of Mar’yans’ke bordering the Kherson region, Ukraine.

Photograph: Jelle Krings/The Observer

Photograph: Ilka & Franz/The Observer

Chef Fadi Kattan talks to Um Nabil, ‘the queen of herbs’, in Bethlehem market. The chef and hotelier plans to open his first Palestinian restaurant, Akub, in London’s Notting Hill.

Photograph: Quique Kierszenbaum/The Observer

Punk poet, singer, artist and author Patti Smith talks to the New Review about about life, loss, loneliness and her acclaimed new photography project.

Photograph: Cyril Zannettacci/The Observer

Photograph: Hugh Johnson/The Observer

Photograph: Pål Hansen/The Observer

Braemar in Aberdeenshire is the coldest town in Britain. The residents speak to the Observer about how they are gearing up for this winter of discontent.

Photograph: Katherine Anne Rose/The Observer

Photograph: Phil Fisk/The Observer

Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Observer

Former gang member and founder of Put The Knives Down Gloucester, Jasper Taitt-Williams, photographed in Gloucester.

Photograph: Karen Robinson/The Observer

Photograph: Kate Peters/The Observer

Photograph: Antonio Olmos/The Observer

Former guerilla María Sepúlveda was photographed at the Pondores camp inLa Guajira, Colombia, for a report on life since the 2016 peace agreement for women fighters.

Photograph: Shanti Das/The Observer

The novelist Will Self spoke to the New Review about his new collection of journalism

Photograph: Suki Dhanda/The Observer

Photograph: Phil Fisk/The Observer

GP Robert Hodges photographed at his practice, the Aspen Centre, in Gloucester.

Photograph: Gareth Iwan Jones/The Observer

Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Greg James photographed to accompany an interview in the Observer Magazine.

Photograph: Simon Lipman/The Observer

Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent is one of the poorest towns in the UK. The area belongs to the borough of Swale, the second most deprived borough in the county.

Photograph: Andy Hall/The Observer

Photograph: Lillie Eiger/The Observer

Writer Melvin Burgess photographed at home to accompany a Q&A in books.

Photograph: Gary Calton/The Observer

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