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Rishi Sunak Wants To Await Gavin Williamson Inquiry Result Before Deciding Whether To Sack Him – UK Politics Live

Sunak says he wants to await outcome of inquiry into Gavin Williamson complaint before deciding his futureRishi Sunak was also asked by the BBC’s Chris Mason about Gavin Williamson, and he restated his view that the language used by Williamson towards Wendy Morton was unacceptable. He said Williamson was currently being subject to a complaints process. And, in what may not bode well for the minister, Sunak said he wanted to let that process run its course before he acted.

Asked why Williamson was allowed to continue as a minister if his language was not acceptable, Sunak replied:

There’s an independent complaint process that’s being conducted at the moment. It will be right to let that process conclude before making any decisions about the future.

In his first answer on this topic Sunak said the inquiry was already under way. He said that Williamson’s language was “not right [and] not acceptable”, and that he welcomed the fact Williamson had expressed regret about it.

Sturgeon says developed countries must pledge money to address loss and damage caused by climate crisisNicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, has said the developed countries should agree to pay money to developing countries to address the “loss and damage” they are experiences as a result of the climate crisis. In comments released ahead of the opening of Cop27, she said:

For many countries, particularly in the global south, this must be the Cop where the global north not only delivers on our promises to finance adaptation and mitigation, but recognises the need to address the loss and damage experienced by countries already impacted by climate change.

Last year, Scotland became the first developed nation to pledge finance to address loss and damage and others have now followed suit, including Wallonia and Denmark. This shows just how important the action of smaller governments can be, and I know many countries and campaigners hope to see other countries, particularly in the north, step up and make COP in Egypt the loss and damage Cop.

Aid spending is primarily a responsibility for the UK government, but the Scottish government has committed £2m from its global justice fund to address loss and damage.

Here is a Guardian video about the protesters calling for the Manston processing centre for migrants to be closed.

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