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Super Tuesday Live: Biden And Trump Sweep Texas With Its Second-Biggest Delegate Count; Haley Leads Vermont

Colorado Republicans pick Donald TrumpDonald Trump has won Colorado’s Republican primary, the Associated Press reports.

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32s ago

Joe Biden wins Minnesota Democratic primary

17m ago

Colorado Republicans pick Donald Trump

19m ago

Trump bags Arkansas, Biden takes Colorado

22m ago

Haley has tiny lead over Trump in Vermont with third of votes counted

25m ago

Trump, Biden triumph in Texas

29m ago

Polls close in Colorado, Minnesota, far west Texas

36m ago

Donald Trump wins Massachusetts’s GOP primary

38m ago

Alabama voters choose Trump, Biden

40m ago

Joe Biden wins Arkansas Democratic primary

1h ago

Joe Biden wins Democratic primary in Maine

1h ago

Polls close in Arkansas

1h ago

Joe Biden triumphs in Massachusetts Democratic primary

1h ago

Donald Trump wins Maine Republican primary

1h ago

Democrat Josh Stein and Republican Mark Robinson win gubernatorial primaries in North Carolina

1h ago

Biden, Trump sweep Oklahoma primaries

1h ago

Trump, Biden win Tennessee primaries

1h ago

Donald Trump wins North Carolina Republican primary

1h ago

Polls close in Maine, Massachusetts, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, most of Texas

2h ago

No surprises thus far as Biden wins Virginia, Vermont and North Carolina and Trump wins Virginia and North Carolina

2h ago

Joe Biden wins North Carolina Democratic primary

2h ago

Polls close in North Carolina

2h ago

Trump wins Virginia

2h ago

Joe Biden wins Vermont

2h ago

Joe Biden wins Virginia primary

2h ago

Polls have closed in Virginia and Vermont

3h ago

How California voters are showing support for a Gaza ceasefire

3h ago

First Super Tuesday polls closing soon

4h ago

Joe Biden wins Iowa Democratic caucus

4h ago

California officials concerned over signs of low turnout

4h ago

All eyes on ‘uncommitted’ votes as Alabama, Iowa, North Carolina, Tennessee and Minnesota offer option on ballot

5h ago

Turnout lags in Minnesota, early indications suggest

5h ago

Interim summary

6h ago

Senator Bob Menendez charged with obstruction of justice in new indictment

7h ago

Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema says she won’t seek reelection

8h ago

Super Tuesday voters head to the polls; Haley vows to stay in race as long as she’s ‘competitive’

11h ago

‘I am a Republican’: Haley again rejects third-party presidential bid

11h ago

Third-ranking Senate Republican Barrasso won’t run to replace McConnell

13h ago

Voting under way in Super Tuesday primary contests

14h ago

When are polls closing and results due to come in

15h ago

Will Super Tuesday mark the end of Nikki Haley’s campaign?

15h ago

What’s at stake for Joe Biden on Super Tuesday?

15h ago

Trump wins the North Dakota Republican caucuses

15h ago

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Joe Biden wins Minnesota Democratic primaryJoe Biden has won Minnesota’s Democratic primary, the Associated Press reports.

The president’s victory is no surprise, but it’s worth noting that Minnesota is one of the states where supporters of the campaign to vote “uncommitted”, in protest of his support for Israel’s invasion of Gaza, were hoping to rack up big numbers. We’ll tell you more about that in a second.

Kari Paul

In California, homelessness is a central issue in 2024 elections.

A Public Policy Institute of California survey finding four in ten Californians say economic conditions and homelessness are the top issues for governor Gavin Newsom and the legislature to work on in the coming year.

One measure on the ballot Tuesday seeks to address the homelessness crisis by redirecting some mental health funding toward supportive housing and mental health treatment beds. Proposition 1, backed by Newsom, is opposed by disability rights groups because it helps fund “locked door facilities” for mental health treatment, and works with other measures to force people experiencing mental crises into treatment and institutions.

Despite what the polls say, experts say that the low turnout makes results difficult to predict, and “strange” outcomes more likely, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Unexpected things are more likely to happen when you have these lower turnout elections,” political analyst Paul Mitchell told the Chronicle. “It’s really easy to predict what’s going to happen when it’s 100% turnout, because you can just look at the numbers and say, ‘OK, this is what’s gonna happen, but when it’s a quarter of that turnout, small changes in turnout for different populations can really distort outcomes.”

Here’s more on Prop 1:

Julius Constantine Motal

While they couldn’t cast a ballot, these furry friends helped pup up the vote. Here are some photos of the very good dogs who showed up with their owners at polls nationwide:

A dog sits with an “I Voted” sticker in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Photograph: Patrick T Fallon/AFP/Getty ImagesA dog walks past a voting sign in Rio Grande City, Texas, on Tuesday. Photograph: Cheney Orr/ReutersA voter casts a ballot at the C Norman Transgender Empowerment center, which is used for the first time as a polling center, in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Photograph: Aude Guerrucci/ReutersA man votes as his dog keeps watch at a polling location in Arlington, Virginia, on Tuesday. Photograph: Kent Nishimura/Getty ImagesColorado Republicans pick Donald TrumpDonald Trump has won Colorado’s Republican primary, the Associated Press reports.

Trump bags Arkansas, Biden takes ColoradoMore predictable results from a Super Tuesday that has gone mostly as expected: the Associated Press reports that Donald Trump has won the presidential primary in Arkansas, and Joe Biden the Democratic primary in Colorado.

Haley has tiny lead over Trump in Vermont with third of votes countedIf Nikki Haley has any chance of winning a state tonight, it’s in Vermont.

The former governor of South Carolina, who has notched loss after loss in the primaries so far, is currently locked in a tight race in Vermont. With just over a third of votes counted, Haley has a tiny lead over Donald Trump, who has won every other state that is voting tonight.

In Vermont, Haley may benefit from its open primary and high numbers of independent voters in her long-shot quest to undermine Trump.

Vermont Public Radio also interviewed Democrats who were voting for Haley:

Haley’s chances Tuesday hinge on turnout by Democrats such as Brandon resident Wyatt Waterman. Waterman, who held a Nikki Haley sign he made himself before the rally, said he’s willing to support a candidate whose ideology veers substantially from his in a primary, so long as that vote has the potential to undermine Trump’s electoral success.

“I’ve never seen democracy threatened by fascism so much in my entire life,” Waterman said. “This is not how I want to leave it for the generations following us, so I’m taking what time and resources I have to stand up to this tyranny.”

Trump, Biden triumph in TexasDonald Trump has won Texas’s Republican primary, the Associated Press reports, giving him a crucial victory in the state with the second-highest number of delegates up for grabs tonight.

Joe Biden was the pick of the state’s Democrats, according to the AP.

After Texas, the state with the most delegates is California, where polls close at 11pm ET.

Polls close in Colorado, Minnesota, far west TexasIt’s 9pm ET, which means polls have closed in Colorado and Minnesota, as well as Texas’s far west counties, which are on mountain time.

We’ll see if Joe Biden and Donald Trump continue their romp of the respective Democratic and Republican primaries in these states. We’ll also be keeping an eye out for signs that the “uncommitted” campaign has sapped support for Biden, particularly in Minnesota, where its organizers are making a stand.

Kari Paul

On a rainy Super Tuesday in Oakland, California, voters trickled sparingly into polling stations throughout the afternoon.

Analysts have projected California may have the weakest primary turnout in the state’s history, with one estimate as low as 29%. Polling stations in the East Oakland, Fruitvale, and Rockridge neighborhoods saw slow foot traffic throughout the day.

One Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) survey found that fewer than four in ten California voters identified as “enthusiastic” about voting for president or Congress members this election year, a sentiment echoed by those at the polls Tuesday.

“I’m not excited about any of the issues, I just needed to take a walk today so I decided to drop off my ballot,” said Daniel, a 50-year-old voter who declined to share his last name. “Just doing my civic duty, I guess.”

The low turnout comes even as dramatic headlines claim Oakland is at a breaking point regarding crime and public safety, with California governor Gavin Newsom deploying California Highway Patrol officers into Oakland in February to crack down on rising rates of property crime.

Chris Moore (left) a candidate for supervisor in Oakland, California with a member of his campaign Michelle Hailey (right), and Hochi the dog. Photograph: Kari Paul/The GuardianChris Moore, a candidate for the Alameda county board of supervisors, said such issues caused him to run for office for the first time this year. He said his background in auditing positions him well to examine how the city’s budget is being used to address crime and homelessness.

“I’m a non-career politician, I got into this race because everybody is tired of a lot of the chaos going on in Oakland,” he said, standing outside a polling station in Oakland’s neighborhood of Rockridge. “We don’t feel safe in this community anymore, small businesses are being chased out. People are afraid to come to Oakland.”

Donald Trump wins Massachusetts’s GOP primaryDonald Trump has won Massachusetts’s Republican primary, the Associated Press reports.

Alabama voters choose Trump, BidenThe Associated Press has called the presidential primaries in Alabama, and no surprises are to be had: Joe Biden is the choice of the state’s Democrats, and Donald Trump the pick of Republicans.

Joe Biden wins Arkansas Democratic primaryJoe Biden has won Arkansas’s Democratic primary, the Associated Press reports, as the incumbent president piles up the wins on this Super Tuesday.

Julius Constantine Motal

Donald Trump supporters are gathering at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida ahead of the former president’s appearance later this evening. Here are some images from the scene:

Trump supporter Forgiato Blow wears a mini-bust of the former president. Photograph: Rebecca Blackwell/APSupporters wait for the former president’s arrival. Photograph: Evan Vucci/APOne of many MAGA hats. Photograph: Evan Vucci/APSupporters rally outside Mar-a-Lago earlier today. Photograph: Wilfredo Lee/APJoe Biden wins Democratic primary in MaineJoe Biden has triumphed in Maine’s Democratic primary, the Associated Press reports.

Polls close in ArkansasIt’s just past 7.30pm in Arkansas, which means voting has finished in the state.

We’ll let you know who wins the Republican and Democratic primaries. Don’t expect any surprises.

Joe Biden triumphs in Massachusetts Democratic primaryDemocrats in Massachusetts have voted Joe Biden the winner of their primary, the Associated Press reports.

Donald Trump wins Maine Republican primaryDonald Trump has won the Republican primary in Maine, the Associated Press reports.

Democrat Josh Stein and Republican Mark Robinson win gubernatorial primaries in North CarolinaThe AP has projected both races.

Josh Stein, the North Carolina attorney general, was endorsed by the state’s governor Roy Cooper. Meanwhile, Mark Robinson, the lieutenant governor, won handily over his opponents. The two will face off in what is expected to be one of the most expensive gubernatorial races in recent times.

Stein has already been drawing contrasts between himself and Robinson, whom he has portrayed as a Trump-style extremist. Robinson has vowed to arrest trans women who use the women’s restroom, and has called the civil rights movement a socialist plot, saying that “so many freedoms were lost during the civil rights movement”.

The Guardian’s Adam Gabbatt wrote about Robinson last year:

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