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T20 World Cup 2022 Super 12s: Pakistan Set India Target Of 160 To Win – Live

Key events

5m agoWICKET! Rohit c Iftikhar b Haris 4, India 10-2

12m agoWICKET! KL Rahul b Naseem Shah 4, India 7-1

33m agoIndia require 160 to win

39m agoWICKET! Shaheen c & b Bhuvneshwar 16, Pakistan 151-8

1h agoWICKET! Asif Ali c Karthik b Arshdeep 2, Pakistan 120-7

1h agoWICKET! Mohammad Nawaz c Karthik b Pandya 9, Pakistan 115-6

1h agoWICKET! Haider Ali c Suryakumar b Pandya 2, Pakistan 98-5

1h agoWICKET! Shadab Khan c Suryakumar b Pandya 5, Pakistan 96-4

1h agoWICKET! Iftikhar Ahmed lbw Shami 51, Pakistan 91-3

2h agoWICKET! Rizwan c Bhuvneshwar b Arshdeep 4, Pakistan 15-2

2h agoWICKET! Babar lbw Arshdeep Singh 0, Pakistan 1-1

3h agoTeams

3h agoIndia win the toss and will bowl

3h agoPreamble

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4th over: Pakistan 17-1 (Kohli 2, Suryakumar 7) No loss of tempo for India, as Suryakumar Yadav walks and plays a lovely straight drive for four. Follows it up through extra cover for three. That’s some start.

WICKET! Rohit c Iftikhar b Haris 4, India 10-2Another one! The bowling change does it, Haris Rauf’s serious pace drawing an edge that rockets to a deep-set slip catcher. Takes it low near the ground but cleanly. Both openers gone.

3rd over: Pakistan 10-1 (Rohit Sharma 4, Virat Kohli 2) Shaheen Afridi continues, and again the Indian batters are circumspect. Kohli drives a couple through the covers. Shaheen hits his pad, eliciting an appeal. Cagey stuff.

2nd over: Pakistan 7-1 (Rohit Sharma 3, Virat Kohli 0) The star of the show, Kohli, to the crease early in proceedings.

WICKET! KL Rahul b Naseem Shah 4, India 7-1How did he do that? Naseem bowls a decent enough delivery on a length, with a little movement. KL Rahul pushes forward at it, inside edge, back onto the stumps. Incision!

Out! Photograph: Daniel Pockett/ICC/Getty Images1st over: Pakistan 5-0 (Rohit Sharma 3, KL Rahul 2) Right then. Can Shaheen Shah Afridi do what India’s openers did? Not exactly, though his first over has India watchful and only collecting five runs in little pushes.

India require 160 to winWell, Babar Azam said at the toss that 160 would be a good score. And by hook or by crook, by highway or byway, Pakistan have got there. The start of the innings was a thrilling display of fast bowling, with Babar and Rizwan reduced to spectators watching Bhuvneshwar and Arshdeep. Then Masood held things together while Iftikhar settled in and then dined out. Shaheen and Haris kept enough momentum in the innings near the end. Hardik Pandya made timely interventions, Ashwin bowled tidily, and Axar Patel’s one over was taken apart.

20th over: Pakistan 159-7 (Shan Masood 52, Haris Rauf 6) This innings just keeps being full of surprises. A single for Masood, the wicket of Shaheen, then Haris Rauf comes out and blasts his first ball over midwicket for six!

Full delivery, just picks it up off his toes and sends it soaring away. A magnificent shot.

Mind you, his next he swings and misses, and the one after that. Then from the final ball he sets off for a bye, Karthik misses the striker’s stumps, Bhuvneshwar picks up the ball and misses the non-striker’s stumps, and they get back for a second extra.

WICKET! Shaheen c & b Bhuvneshwar 16, Pakistan 151-8It was fun while it lasted. Shaheen goes for another big pull shot and chips a leading edge back to the bowler, who is somewhat surprised to find it arriving in his hands but nonetheless hangs on.

Out! Photograph: Daniel Pockett-ICC/ICC/Getty Images19th over: Pakistan 149-7 (Shan Masood 51, Shaheen Afridi 16) A flicked single for Shaheen first ball of the over, a cut single for Masood. Then…

What on earth was that?

Shaheen charges down, picks up the ball from a length, and swats it into the stands! Have they sent out the wrong Afridi? That is an extraordinary shot! A flat six at the MCG. And he follows it up with a booming straight drive for four!

Somewhere, in a lab over the last few months, someone has been secretly teaching Shaheen Afridi to bat.

Arshdeep’s economical figures are taking a battering. Rattled, he bowls a wide that Karthik fumbles and the Pakistanis run another extra. Masood takes a run to keep the strike. On recent evidence, maybe he should hand it over. Shaheen 16 from 7 balls!

18th over: Pakistan 135-7 (Shan Masood 49, Shaheen Afridi 5) Streaky runs for Masood, backing away against Shami and getting a fast edge between short third and the keeper. Backward point is also up in the ring. So is mid-off, and Masood lifts a shot in the air just square of that man! Nearly a catch but he places it well enough. Glances a run from the fifth ball to keep the strike, but Shaheen does the same from the sixth and they decide to take every run on offer.

17th over: Pakistan 125-7 (Shan Masood 40, Shaheen Afridi 4) Does his job, Afridi, knock away a couple of twos to finish the over. Arshdeep has 3 for 19!

WICKET! Asif Ali c Karthik b Arshdeep 2, Pakistan 120-7Forget that – instead of hitting he’s going to get hit. Arshdeep Singh bowled so well to start the innings, and carries it on here. Tight lines, giving away nothing but ones and twos, then produces the bouncer to surprise Asif Ali. It’s on the batter faster than he expects, and in the end he flinches while half ducking, and can only glove it up towards fine leg. Karthik runs around from behind the stumps to take a good catch. Shaheen Shah Afridi is coming out next, far too high at number nine.

Arshdeep celebrates his wicket of Asif Ali. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images16th over: Pakistan 116-6 (Shan Masood 30, Asif Ali 1) Four overs left for Asif Ali to do some clubbing. He starts with a single.

WICKET! Mohammad Nawaz c Karthik b Pandya 9, Pakistan 115-6That’s the definition of a cameo. The left-handed Nawaz smashes four runs through point, a gorgeous lofted boundary over cover, then gets a bit of glove on a short slower ball at the body for the keeper to catch.

Another one bites the dust. Photograph: Joel Carrett/AAP15th over: Pakistan 106-5 (Shan Masood 30, Mohammad Nawaz 1) Finally Masood does get back on strike, and tries to get on with the game. Lashes a ball back past Ashwin for two runs that was so nearly caught, but the batter just put too much power on it. Then cuts another brace square.

14th over: Pakistan 98-5 (Shan Masood 30) Three sixes in over over, two wickets in abother. Meanwhile Shan Masood hasn’t even faced a ball.

WICKET! Haider Ali c Suryakumar b Pandya 2, Pakistan 98-5And a carbon copy to end the over. The new batter throws the cue wildly and sends another catch to SKY.

Haider goes for 2. Pakistan are in trouble. Photograph: Asanka Brendon Ratnayake/APWICKET! Shadab Khan c Suryakumar b Pandya 5, Pakistan 96-4There goes that good cheer. Shadab aims a huge slog across the line at Panya’s straight delivery, and it goes a mile in the air. SKY has a long time to think about it but keeps his composure to send the crowd into raptures.

Suryakumar takes the catch to dismiss Shadab. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images13th over: Pakistan 96-3 (Shan Masood 30, Shadab Khan 5) That should cheer Pakistan fans up a bit after Iftikhar’s departure: Shadab Khan walks in and rifles a straight drive down the ground for four.

WICKET! Iftikhar Ahmed lbw Shami 51, Pakistan 91-3Shami’s quality tells. He twice hits the pad of Iftikhar, once via the inside edge and the second time clean in front of middle stump. Quality fast bowling with some cut off the seam.

We’re having some internet connection problems at the ground, apologies for the slow posting.

Shami celebrates the wicket of Iftikhar. Pakistan are wobbling. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images12th over: Pakistan 91-2 (Shan Masood 30, Iftikhar Ahmed 51) Axar Patel on to bowl his first over, and his first ball is destroyed! Iftikhar goes down on one knee and pounds it over deep midwicket, a massive boundary and he sends it deep into the crowd. What a hit.

Two balls later? Same treatment. Over long-on this time, straighter, after he advances and meets the pitch of the ball. Hits it sweetly and forever.

And the next ball. This one isn’t as clean a hit, and KL Rahul at long-off dives over the rope and gets hands to it, but can’t knock it back into the field of play.

Iftikhar follows with a cut shot for three to finish the over, taking 21 from it.

Thanks Simon – Geoff Lemon back with you.

10th over: Pakistan 60-2 (Shan Masood 29, Iftikhar Ahmed 21) Iftikhar cuts wide of third for four, nicely judged, and then he doesn’t quite get hold of a pull, which is just as well because it was going straight to Suryakumar Yadav, who in the end gathers on the bounce. And that’s your mid-innings drinks break.

11th over: Pakistan 70-2 (Shan Masood 30, Iftikhar Ahmed 30) More from Ashwin, and finally Iftikhar is throwing off the shackles! Down the track he comes, and back over the bowler’s head goes the ball! That is an Aramco maximum, or whatever they call sixes these days.

9th over: Pakistan 50-2 (Shan Masood 28, Iftikhar Ahmed 13) Ravichandran Ashwin has a chance to make amends for that kind-of-drop – I think he’d have got there had he reacted quicker as the ball headed his way – with the game’s first over ofd spin. The batters have a couple of heaves but don’t quite nail their timing, and the boundary is so distant they can’t get there. Fifty up.

8th over: Pakistan 44-2 (Shan Masood 25, Iftikhar Ahmed 11) An element might be describes as sanity settles over the game, so Shan immediately lifts the ball high to third, where Ashwin is slow to move, and eventually has to dive forward to gather the ball. India celebrate the catch, the crowd goes wild, the batters wait for the catch to be checked, and it looks like ball landed just before hand so he survives. Another tight over, mind.

Ashwin just misses out on the catch. Photograph: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images7th over: Pakistan 42-2 (Shan Masood 24, Iftikhar Ahmed 11) Hello everyone! This is fun, yes? I’m in the MCG but more or less side-on to the action, so not able to fully appreciate the swing that has been so bothersome for the batters. What I am appreciating is the atmosphere, absolutely stonking. Anyway, Hardik Pandya has a go and gets very close to a run-out as Shan drops the ball short, heads down the pitch, is sent back again and gets there just before the bowler gathers, throws and hits the stumps.

The over ends with a boundary, Shan top-edging a pull to fine leg for four.

6th over: Pakistan 32-2 (Shan Masood 19, Iftikhar Ahmed 7) A change for the final over of the Powerplay, with Mohammed Shami to bowl. In India’s final warm-up match against Australia he only bowled the 20th over… and took three wickets to win the match. He has two slips in place. Why not. Cuts the ball off the seam twice to start with, at 140 kph on a hard length, and Masood can’t do a thing with it. So he backs away a touch third ball and jams it through point for four! Follows it with another flicked three, denied by the MCG’s long boundaries. Iftikhar knocks a single square.

We’ll have a handover for a little while, with Simon Burnton hopping in to the comms chair.

5th over: Pakistan 24-2 (Shan Masood 12, Iftikhar Ahmed 6) Masood has been in great touch recently in English country cricket, and he plays a county stroke as he clips Bhuvi Kumar off his pads for three runs. Iftikhar plays a similar shot for two, then leans back and clubs a pull shot for four. Got to counterattack here.

WICKET! Rizwan c Bhuvneshwar b Arshdeep 4, Pakistan 15-24th over: Pakistan 15-2 (Shan Masood 9) The shot off the pads remains profitable for Shan Masood, tucking away a boundary and then a single from Arshdeep Singh, but the bowler responds by squaring up Rizwan and nearly taking his edge. This is a sensational joint bowling performance to start a T20. And that’s before a leading edge pops up in the air! Kohli sprinting in from mid-on, puts in the dive forward but the ball reaches his hands on the half volley. And with one ball to come, Rizwan hooks Arshdeep off the top edge to fine leg, caught! His four runs off 12 balls!

Out! Rizwan goes for 9. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images3rd over: Pakistan 10-1 (Rizwan 4, Shan Masood 4) They still can’t lay bat on ball! Bhuvneshwar is bowling to Shan Masood now, and cuts him in half twice in a row, then three times in the over, to smash the ball into pad. A wide and a dicey leg glance are the only avenues for Pakistan to score until Shan Masood squeezes out a yorker and Rizwan is sharp enough to call him through.

2nd over: Pakistan 6-1 (Rizwan 4, Shan Masood 1) So in comes Shan Masood and picks up where Rizwan left off: unable to lay bat on ball. Left-hander facing left-armer, and the latter is hitting a length and getting swing, like a Test match first morning. Eventually Shan Masood tries the Morse cod run – dot, dot dash – and would have been run out at the non-striker’s end had Virat Kohli hit the stumps with an underam throw from mid on. First run off the bat after 11 balls. But Rizwan finishes the over well: Arshdeep doesn’t correct his line for the right-hander, and delivers it on the pads to offer a leg glance for four.

WICKET! Babar lbw Arshdeep Singh 0, Pakistan 1-1Huge moment! First ball, the best in the world in this format is given out! Arshdeep bowls left-arm over the wicket, swings the ball into the pads of Babar Azam, and it hits him in line with middle and leg. Of course he has to review, but it’s likely to be clipping leg stump… and it is! A red light, not a yellow one. Pitched the ball it up, gave it a chance to swing, and Babar couldn’t make contact. The noise in this ground right now…

Virat Kohli celebrates as Babar goes for a duck. Huge wicket for India. Photograph: Martin Keep/AFP/Getty Images1st over: Pakistan 1-0 (Rizwan 0, Babar o) Bhunvneshwar Kumar starts things off, and he looks to be operating at top pace from the beginning. Rizwan leaves the first ball outside off, but the second leaps alarmingly at him and smashes him on the glove! Painful. He needs the physio, gets treatment, and elects to bat on. Third ball, zips over the top edge of the diagonal bat as he flails at it. Pace, bounce, carry from Bhuvneshwar, with a perfect seam position. Fifth ball: flail and miss! The bounce again! The seam movement taking it away from the bat. Only the sixth ball spoils the sequence, down the leg side marginally for a wide. The replacement delivery cuts into Rizwan and tenderises his thigh pad, too high and going down leg although the bowler appeals.

What a first over!

And we’re away…

Huge flags on the outfield held by volunteers. The teams in front of them. The anthems play out, voices rolling around the amphitheatre in waves. Goosebump moment.

The fireworks go off – the literal ones – and the bowl of the MCG is filled with smoke. It dissipates quickly in the cool swirling Melbourne air. This is October, not yet summer, so it’s not freezing but it’s on the brisk side.

So much of today’s result will come down to the pairing between Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan at the top of Pakistan’s batting order. They are the most prolific pair in history, with 2313 runs together for Pakistan at an average of 53.

Mind you, second spot goes to Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul, with 1809 runs at 51.

People on the internet might have a set against Virat Kohli, but the difference in crowd response when he appeared on the big screen compared to every other Indian player tells you that he’s by far the favourite with the average spectator in the crowd.


Babar Azam *

Mohammed Rizwan +

Shan Masood

Shadab Khan

Haider Ali

Iftikhar Ahmed

Mohammed Nawaz

Asif Ali

Shaheen Afridi

Naseem Shah

Haris Rauf


Rohit Sharma *

KL Rahul

Virat Kohli

Suryakumar Yadav

Hardik Pandya

Dinesh Karthik

Axar Patel

Ravichandran Ashwin

Mohammed Shami

Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Arshdeep Singh

Right then. I’m told that Rohit said the overcast conditions made him hope for swing, hence bowling first. Babar thinks that 160 could be competitive – could be right, given the MCG pitch is often a bit slow, and the boundaries are so big.

India win the toss and will bowlAnother mighty roar as Rohit Sharma benefits from the falling coin. He’ll choose to field. Why, I can’t tell you, because I cannot hear a word he says over the noise of the crowd. Anyone on TV got a quieter line? Babar Azam gets a pretty decent cheer as well when it’s his turn to speak.

Wowwww! A huge roar at the ground as Ravi Shastri appears on the big screen to conduct the toss. He’s back.

Drop me a line: my email is [email protected], or I’m on the tweets at @GeoffLemonSport. There’s often not much time during a T20, but we’ll try to get some reader contributions into the coverage if you have something interesting or original to add. Consider the gauntlet thrown down.

What about the weather? The talking point for the last few days has been the likelihood of rain. We had lots of it on Friday night, some more on Saturday and Saturday night, but none so far today. And the radar for now looks clear! Happy days and happy nights.


Geoff Lemon

Here we go! The most populous rivalry in world cricket, in front of a crowd the likes of which we may not have seen before. Coming to you live from the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and I can tell you that it is heaving inside and out. The seats look about three quarters full with more than half an hour until the first ball, and the crowd outside was immense on the way in, with stages and bands and performers and all the trimmings. The noise in here, with the windows open up on the broadcast level, is impressive. And that’s just people chatting and catching up.

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