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The Art Of Anti-Mascara: Should You Go Rogue With Your Wand?

The hack

This TikTok beauty trend doesn’t ditch mascara entirely as its moniker would suggest, but uses it to create patterns over the whole eyelid. Would you dare?

The test

Mascara has been widely used to enhance our lashes since Eugène Rimmel created the first commercial line in 1860, using a mix of petroleum jelly and, er, coal dust. Since then, it has become a makeup-bag staple, and though we now have myriad colours, it has largely been functional.

The aim of “anti-mascara” is to subvert the usual “pretty” mascara aesthetic. TikTokker @divinamuse popularised the trend using a mascara wand to create patterns across the eyes. There is no real method to follow, just press your mascara wand on to the skin wherever you like to create a playful, textured look. I rolled mine over my lids a few times and applied mascara on my lashes too. The result was very 80s goth meets fashion week, and a welcome break from overly contoured Instagram makeup.

The verdict

I’m all in, but if this feels terrifying, there is another way. Use a mascara with a thick formula like Isamaya Rubberlash Latex Lift Mascara, £35, and simply press the wand on to the skin as you coat your lashes a few times. The combination of mascara on the skin and spidery lashes gives a sort of Stepford wife-on-acid appeal that’s edgy without being too experimental.

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