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Do you need the help of London pest services this summer?

The summer pests can be a real problem. You can open the windows and enjoy the summer breeze, but a swarm of winged pests soon descends on your kitchen.
All wasps, fruits flies, and flies love summer’s flavors. Or, perhaps, they all love all rapidly decaying vegetables and fruit.

Al fresco dining is a great idea for summer evenings, but wasps and flies can make it a miserable experience. While the kids scream and the wasps hover in danger of their apple juice, you can turn around to find a fly sitting on your burger. This is not the best recipe for a relaxing evening.

This is just outside. The wasps and the flies will also be making their way indoors to terrorize children and exercise squatters rights on any leftover sandwiches or crumbs that may have been left for a nanosecond.

Fruit flies are another category. Fruit flies are attracted to the fast ripening fruit during the summer months. Once they have found a food source, they will continue to grow in number. Every time you take an apple out from the fruit bowl, or open the bin, the occasional fruit fly will become a cloud of them.

Quick action is key to controlling summer pests in your home. You need to know when to call London pest control services, when to close the doors and when to re-house the fruit.

What can London’s pest control services do to help with summer bugs?

If you catch them quickly enough, there is a chance that you can deal with the summer pests by yourself.

Take out the food source. This could be in multiple areas.

Control entry points – This is more difficult in warm weather. However, if wasps are entering through a window that they find attractive to an indoor smell, close the window or door.

Home deterrents: Citronella candles have been reported to deter flying insects. Fly screens may also be helpful by providing an additional barrier.

It is crucial that you can recognize when you have a problem that requires the expertise of a London pest control specialist.

A nest of wasps around your home or unusually large numbers could indicate a problem. Fruit fly infestations can also grow out of control.

London pest control services can help you if you suspect you might have a problem with summer pests.

Panther Pest Control is a London pest control company that can assist in many situations. Contact us if you have any concerns about pests in your home.

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