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Eight Advantages of Timber Floor Sanding

The flooring made of timber is the preference of most homeowners in recent times due to its lavish lifestyle for a reasonable cost. In the past the timber flooring was extensively utilized as a decor for interiors in historic buildings and palaces as a symbol of the king and luxurious living. If you’re looking to purchase a house or construct a new one at the beginning it is advised to speak with a reputable floor polishing and sanding firm to ensure the finish and good condition of your floor for a long time.

Do you want to go with timber floor sanding?

Even the top flooring could develop problems over time, such as dust, scratches and many other. Sand your wooden floors if they’re filthy or has coatings of paint on its upper surface. It’s always a smart choice to work with the top Kent floor sanding service to eliminate uneven shades of wood on floors. Floor sanding can make the flooring appear more attractive and fresh.

The longevity of flooring made of wood depends on the strength of the wood. It is suggested to get flooring sanding every 10 years after installation to ensure the longevity and shine of the wood flooring.

The benefits of wood floor Sanding:

The floor is look brighter as well as more shiny and attractive.
It assists in the total elimination of stains and dust off the flooring.
Floor sanding helps strengthen the floor and makes it stronger, thus it lasts for many years.
Sanding the floor can help improve comfort and also provides warmth to feet during cold winter months.
After floor sanding, cleaning , and maintenance becomes more simple.
Floor sanding can make the floor allergy-free and assists in the fight against mould, pollen and other bacterial.
Sanding the floor makes it more smooth and clean.
Sanding floors adds the value of your house and preserves the elegance of the flooring for many years to come.

Which type of sander would be the best in floor polishing?

There are a variety of sanders available on the market which can be used to aid in the sanding process. There are two sanders that are extensively utilized and are renowned for their top for sanding i.e palm sanders as well as random orbital sanders. Palm sanders are tiny in size and lightweight, whereas an orbital sander with a random pattern is the ideal choice for larger areas of sanding due to its stunning design. It also removes more of the material, resulting in better floor results in a shorter time.


Although floor sanding is a task that can be done using DIY methods, it is best to leave flooring issues like stains scratches, dent-filling and so on to the flooring experts for assured and reliable service. It doesn’t matter if you’ve used engineered hardwood or beech wood always consult with the wood floor sanding experts for expert advice for any flooring problems.

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