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Our guide to window shutter design

As specialists in the supply of the ability to measure and fit custom-made shutters, we have a wealth of experience in helping you find the perfect shutters for the home you have. Our sales professionals can advise you on the ideal design and materials of shutters to fit your windows. We will either manage the process from measuring to installation or, if you’d prefer to take the DIY option, we’ll be glad to guide you through the best way to choose the right size, measure and then install your shutters yourself.

Because of their versatility, affordable shutters for windows are able to be used for almost all shapes and types of window, therefore there is bound to be an solution to suit your needs. Shutters work with any kinds of properties, no matter if they are a period home or a modern, new home. They are made to complement and improve the shape of windows So the first step to take when you start out is to examine your windowand think about what it does and how you’ll want to utilize your window when shutters are put in For instance, will you want to keep your shutters often open, and keep them open? Or will your shutters be closed to provide privacy most often. Make sure to think about how your shutters will appear inside the room as well as on the exterior of your house.

Shutter Styles & Configurations

The design of shutters refers to the overall look of the shutters, as well as the extent to which windows will be covered and how the shutters open and perform. There are six primary styles of shutters that you can choose from: Full Height Shutters, Tier-on-Tier Shutters and Shaped Shutters. Cafe Style Shutters Solid Shutters, Trackedsliding shutters. With so many different styles, it’s difficult to decide We can give the different styles on our gallery of shutters. We can provide you with the advantages of each style depending on the type of window you have. The majority of the decision is based on your personal preference and the goals you want to achieve with the window dressing is it complete darkness, or security, or do you want a traditional look or a more contemporary style you’re looking for?

If you’d like to be able to fully open the window completely consider where the shutters open, is there furniture in the vicinity of the window that could block the opening? Also, do you have to fold the shutters in two so that this can happen because of a wall to one end of your window. In truth, it depends on the particular home and the style you’re aiming for.

Many people want Tier On Tier shutters with wide panels. However, this is typically not feasible since once the upper tier is opened the panels can become obstructions to the other items within the space. Therefore, the best option is to either fold the panels bi-fold to ensure they do not interfere with the other room or go for an Full Height style where the panels will stay in their place. With a big Louvre (89mm or more) you’ll have plenty of light and visibility when they’re opened.

Shutter Materials

Our top quality shutters can be found in range of materials, based on your needs and budget. We offer MDF wood, polyvinyl and hardwood alternatives to think about. A large part of the material selection will depend on your individual preference, but in certain situations we’ll strongly recommend a specific material to you, for instance the polyvinyl shutters are highly advised in rooms that are likely to have an abundance of moisture. for windows with large windows, we recommend some of the lighter wood shutters. If you would like the space to be dark, you might be considering the black-out blind as a the option to darken the room behind shutters. This is very popular in nurseries for children!

Shutter Colors

The most well-known shutter colors that are available are neutral whites. This is because they appear as appealing from the outside as they do inside, and are compatible with nearly every interior – which can be very beneficial when you are planning to redecorate or sell your property. But, brighter, more bold colors are becoming more popular also and are the perfect way to make the most of your home. We offer a color matching service that allows you to match your shutters with nearly any colour you’d like! We also offer a broad selection of wood stain colours too and are well-known for their more traditional style.

Shutter Costs

Shutters are durable and can endure the test of time with regard to their functionality and design but if the price of the shutters is a reason to be concerned, there are methods to lower expenses without sacrificing its quality. The savings can be realized by studying MDF materials, which are highly sought-after, or you can save money by putting in shutters yourself. Particularly for windows with simple openings, DIY shutters are a preferred option for our customers. There is an online DIY fitting guide. We will also be available to discuss shutters before you make your purchase.

Every house and every person’s design concepts are unique and we’re here to assist. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will assist you in determining the perfect shutter style to meet your needs. We invite you to contact us for any queries you may have.

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