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The Benefits of Buying in Istanbul


Locating a suitable place to stay:

One of the main motives that drive foreign investors to invest in real property in Turkey is the desire to have an area to live in and to be in a stable environment, particularly those who’s countries of origin are in a state of instability in the security or political arena. Thus, they see buying property in Turkey an ideal way to relocate to a country that is more stable. Turkey is considered to be one of the most stable nations in the region. Additionally, it gives foreign investors to apply for residency in real estate when they own real estate in Turkey. It is believed this: Istanbul is the most preferred destination for the majority of visitors to Turkey as they are able to are able to find the Istanbul city. Istanbul is the best place for stability and housing since it is to be the biggest and most important urban area in Turkey. Istanbul is the largest and the most well-known Turkish city. Also, it is considered to be the capital of economics of Turkey This means there is an enormous attraction and a particularization because it has a extremely efficient infrastructure. It has the many aspects required for a flourishing lifestyle and can offer all kinds of luxury, from services like hospitals and clinics and government departments, as well as Airports, and other airports. Additionally, there is a wide array of leisure centers of various sizes and shapes that range from massive malls to large international markets, which include many stores, along with cafes, hotels, restaurants water-based cities, green spaces, and public parks. areas.


Find a golden opportunity to investin:

One of the major advantages that the property market in Istanbul has is the variety of investment opportunities you can avail. What ever type of property you have in Istanbul that you’ve bought in order to get Turkish citizenship You will definitely benefit of it while getting investment returns, particularly in the case of Istanbul’s commercial real property, because it is a great option to lease or open projects including companies, projects and other. It is also possible to profit from the Istanbul’s residential real estate through leasing or selling it at higher prices following the renewal process and co-ordination. Like we said, Istanbul is known as the capital of economics in Turkey as well as the country’s most lively and active city for commercial activities. When it comes to commerce in Turkey Istanbul is the capital city. Istanbul always stands out regardless of sea, land and air commerce, which implies that the benefits of purchasing real properties in Istanbul in the pursuit of investment returns and financial rewards is a certain thing, given that there are many investment options available to work with in Istanbul and reap the benefits of the property you’ve bought.


The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through purchasing an apartment in Istanbul:

It is possible to say that the main benefit that a lot of foreign investors try to achieve by purchasing an investment property in Istanbul is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Due to the changes that government officials from the Turkish authorities have made to law regarding the ownership of real estate in Turkey by foreign investors it is now legal to acquire Turkish citizenship. Turkish citizenship can be obtained by purchasing an apartment in Istanbul subject to the property meets a number of rules, such as the value of the house in Istanbul which is bought to obtain Turkish citizenship does not fall below two hundred fifty million US dollars or the equivalent of the amount of the Turkish currency, the lira. Furthermore, an investor who wishes to apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing the property in Istanbul must sign a commitment not to sell the home in Istanbul for more than three years at the time of purchase the property. If these requirements are met and if they’re not too numerous and easy, you’ll be legal an investor from outside Turkey in applying for Turkish citizenship by purchasing the property in Istanbul.

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