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Why use a professional carpet cleaner in Solihull?

Carpets of all kinds can be professionally cleaned with carpet cleaners, regardless of whether it is constructed of wool or nylon, viscose, polypropylene or silk, or an oleo-poly mix.

It is recommended to have your carpets cleaned by an experienced carpet cleaner Solihull instead of hiring a machine to do it yourself. Employing machines and low-cost cleaners from the supermarket could cause more harm than most people realize, for example;

damp after wetting the carpet,
dye bleeding in rugs and certain types of upholstery,
shrinkage of some natural fibres.

Making sure you avoid costly mistakes is only one reason why you should use professional carpet cleaning.

A carpet cleaner who is a professional has been trained professionally in the art of cleaning carpets efficiently using the right equipment and safe cleaning products for the fiber carpet’s content and the people who live in the office or home. Carpet cleaners will be a specialist in how to remove every kind of odour and stain off the carpet. Maintaining a clean indoor environment is crucial and a professional carpet cleaner will assist you in this regard and guide you on the next steps to follow.

There are numerous trade associations within the field of carpet cleaning that every professional carpet cleaner should be a member of like the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) the Woolsafe Organization. They are British organizations that provide comprehensive instruction for all professional carpet cleaners. This also means that should you encounter a problem with your carpet cleaner, you can reach these organizations to get help.

How do I get my carpets cleaned?

Carpets of all types, regardless of the content of fibres, should be cleaned using the HEPA filter cleaner. Carpet cleaners will select the appropriate cleaning solution for the carpet’s fibre. If the carpet is wool, they must use a product that is safe for apply to wool flooring. After spraying the solution on the carpet, it’s moved with a machine that resembles a vacuum or brushes. There is a timer period for the majority of pre-sprays in order to effectively break down dirt, grease and soil on carpets.

The carpet cleaner will install his hot water extraction machine to make the water hot. The carpet will then be rinsed out with the wand of the machine. The machine removes all soil, sand stain, grease, and dirt that are deep within the carpet’s pile. The carpet is then dried using the wand. To aid in faster drying, a professional carpet cleaning service will install air movers in the area which has been cleaned. The air movers push air over the carpet after cleaning, aiding in drying it out quickly. Drying carpets fast is especially crucial as it stops damp or mould from developing and stops any expansion of carpet.

What is the best frequency to have the carpets washed?

Carpets must be cleaned on a regular basis. Carpets function as filters within the house, capturing all the dust, sand hair, grease, skin and other contaminants deep within the carpet’s pile. As with any filter within the home they should be maintained and maintained on a regular basis. We suggest that carpets, rugs, and upholstery be professionally cleaned and maintained by a carpet cleaning service at least once a year up to 18 months.

Professional carpet cleaning should be performed by a carpet cleaning service more frequently if someone living at home suffers from allergies. Cleaning solutions and methods are recommended to use in a manner that does not cause allergy symptoms to become worse for the person who is residing there. Professional carpet cleaners can help you clean carpets, upholstery, and rug for healthier health.

Contact us if you’ve got an unclean carpet that requires salvaging.

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