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What Does It Mean to Be Active on Social Media?

“The most important factor to a successful Social Media Marketing is to maintain an ongoing presence across social networks.”

Have you heard a statement similar to this? You’ve probably heard many times over that you must be engaged with your accounts on social networks, however what exactly does this actually mean? Is it that you update your Facebook every couple of hours? Twittering continuously? Doing a blog every day? Doing Instagram posts every couple of days?

There is no one universal standard for what takes for a person to participate on social media aside from it being more than just establishing an account, and then waiting for it to be slack between periodic updates. The social media platforms themselves define what is considered to be being an active participant.

Facebook is a good example. Facebook defines active users as someone who logs on to the website and/or has completed an activity (liking sharing, liking or posting, for example.) in the past 30 days. The definition of Twitter is based on interactions between users, however, it is less focused on their actual interactions with the site. An active user is one who has at minimum 30 accounts and at least one-third of those accounts follow them back. Google+ considers anyone who uses the site in any manner to be active users.

If you follow one of the definitions above, it’s likely that your company could be classified as “active.” But If you’re using the social media to promote your business it’s not enough to be visible. It’s essential to engage with your followers, be active, and remember the “social” component of social media. Visit for more…

The importance of being active

Engaging in social networks is as being active in your daily life It’s true that things may be fine for a time when you’re not moving and get active, but it shouldn’t take long for your couch-bound lifestyle to begin to wreak havoc on your. Similar is true with your online social media profiles: There’s a good chance you’ll gain only a few followers at the beginning however, unless you keep posting high-quality, relevant content that keeps the users engaged, they’re likely to lose interest and cease to pay attention.

Engagement isn’t just about that It’s about engagement, however. Expert in SEO Neil Patel has said “social is the new SEO” and he offers solid reasons for his assertion. To begin, although Google says it doesn’t include Social signals as part of its ranking algorithms, Bing, the second largest search engine has them. Although Google claims it is not able to determine the credibility of a webpage is determined via social indicators, does affect search results Social media is considered just like other pages in the web index. And when a social site is accessible and useful and relevant, it will show up in search results.

Other aspects that point to the importance of social media in SEO are it being the case that Facebook and Twitter media accounts are present in search results, and that social media websites have evolved into search engines of their own. A lot of users search social media first for information and thus the social strategy that is that is based on keywords plays an essential role for your marketing of content and marketing strategies.

In a more specific way staying active on websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram can help to reach a wider viewers. The average reach of an Instagram post on pages that has more than one million fans is not more than 3 per cent. for those with less than 1,000 followers, the number is about 23 percent. The more active your followers are the higher your reach and the more you can gain from it, since Facebook is rewarded for pages that receive some form of response from their followers such as a Like an image, a share, comment, or just viewing the page. Also, if you don’t publish anything, nobody will respond. Likewise, once you make the post, nobody will be able to see the post.

Being More active on social Media

So , how can you get more engaged with social media? There isn’t a “magic method.” Sure there are some ideas, but to get the most out of your social marketing efforts it is essential to interact with your followers and discover the best practices.

The most dangerous thing you can do is to publish and run off or publish junk in the name of being able to post. When you publish something you post, it must be relevant to the audience in some way. You also need to stay engaged and keep them interested. How you achieve this depends on how you’re using social media.

Consider JetBlue as an example. It is often regarded as a business that does social media efficiently. JetBlue keeps an account on Facebook and Twitter all the time and is able to respond to any question in a person-to-person way. JetBlue utilizes social media to provide customer service in a professional manner, and they manage to promote their brand by injecting a sense of comedy and fun in their responses and posts. However, this doesn’t mean that you must do exactly the same thing as JetBlue does however, they’re an example of engagement and the best way to make use of social media.

Although no one can determine what it takes to define “active” in social networks, it’s not difficult to agree that you shouldn’t allow your accounts on social media sit idle. Spend time posting content, responding your audience and engaging with them and you’ll get better outcomes from your social media efforts.

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