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What To Expect When Outsourcing Game Development

With the game industry’s constant expansion each year, more and publishers and developers are turning to outside providers for complete game development. According to the XDS report 2020, 97% of developers/publishers foresee growth in demand for external development. The main reasons to work with external service providers across every aspect of game development is the need to create more content and the need to set up skills to ramp up, both in the top spots for years in a row.

In this post we encourage readers to examine the primary advantages for developers and publishers by collaborating with game studios in the UK.

Outsourcing Game Development The Current Situation

Our industry is at a crossroads, where the introduction of various different platforms meet the latest technologies, and global shifts to our lives. Developers and publishers face many new challenges and challenges , while also having to create high-quality content as well as entertainment for gamers across the globe.

According to Newzoo the most trusted and cited source for market research on games and analysis, all game segments have seen an increase in engagement and revenue due to COVID-19’s measures, however mobile gaming was the most notable rise. Mobile gaming will bring in revenues of $77.2 billion by 2020, and will grow by +13.3 percentage year over year.

In the booming gaming industry outsourcing of game development is now a must-have.

Benefits of outsourcing game development

Due to the importance of the process as a strategic one the hiring of an outside development team to develop games isn’t something you can just stumble into. It must be planned, executed, and implemented at the top management levels. Therefore, prior to committing to the full extent, what are the most important benefits one can be able to achieve through outsourcing?

Benefit 1: Finding a Partner That Has A DNA Similar To Yours

Although the mobile game development partner can be fully responsible to design and provide the required gaming experience for your player base but it must happen in a way that promotes your brand name and communicates the original concept of the game. In addition to the development and design of games certain vendors also offer complete art production services and art direction.

A portfolio of your projects will give you a good idea of whether you’re an ideal match for a prospective supplier or not. For instance, if you’re looking for a company to create the match-3 puzzle, here’s some of our latest accomplishments and thoughts on the subject. The right partner to work with is likely to bring advantages over time.

Benefit 2: Timely launch of Games

Being on top of a hectic release schedules can cause burning out, stress and costly mistakes. What’s become an industry accepted practice is an Iterative method that breaks the project into milestones and phases and, of course, this permits an external team to examine the progress and make the necessary adjustments as needed. The plans are always specifically for each client, and can include such phases as market research, ideas development engineering, QA and so on. The most important thing however is that it allows an amount of flexibility to mitigate risks and ensure that the project is completed in time.

A partner who is committed to deadlines can be very beneficial to any developer who needs to get things accomplished.

Ensuring that you are in constant communication with your supplier is essential to obtaining the product you desire.

Benefit 3. Building More Content and Features

A few mobile developers and publishers have already built a collection of titles, and are seeking an outsider with new ideas. It could be an ideal opportunity to develop additional content to appeal to the ever-growing mobile users without exhausting the creativity of your internal team Make an idea pitch for any genre or platform from your vendor, select your preferred option, and then keep the rights to you. The development team will be able to join in and build the game completely from beginning to finish.

Benefit 4: Flexible Skill-set Ramp-up/Ramp-down

The list of skills that gamers require changes and is more extensive than ever. What is the only thing that remains constant on the list? The ability to think and be creative. If you are looking for someone to assist you in a specific area of production but don’t need the expertise on your own, our suggestion is to seek out groups, not individuals. They are creative and share experiences They are familiar with processes, workflows and routines. In addition, they could be in a position to offer assistance in the most obscure areas of knowledge.

Are you unsure about the project’s duration Or perhaps if the idea itself is worth the effort? If so it’s likely to be risky to employ an internal team right now. But don’t worry: based on the business model you’ve agreed upon An external supplier will be able to provide a working prototype within the timeframe you need to test the concept and the mechanics.

Benefit 5: Cutting Risks Utilizing External Expertise

In the paper of research Risk Management in Video Game Development Projects Managers in game development rely in prototyping techniques, prior to production decisions areas, as well as agile methods to manage the risk of their projects. In the list of risk factors two of them are specific to the particular environment of video game development. The chance of not being able to align the development plan to the game was identified as a significant problem during the process of development. A new risk – called the “fun factor” was identified as a major aspect that threatened the development of the game’s release.

External game studios have spent a large portion of their existence creating games to other designers and publishing companies as outsourced contractors. This helps them to gain multi-genre expertise in a variety of technologies and development methods games, game design, and economics, which contributes to lessening “fun factor” risks and adhering to the development plan for the game.

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