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Reasons to visit Transylvania in Romania

In the middle located in central Romania, Transylvania is one of the most picturesque and beautiful regions in the country. The people here are warm and warm! Once you have arrived in this beautiful area, you’ll feel at the place you belong to.

After spending a few days in the region, I’d like to give you five principal reasons to choose Transylvania holidays. Absolutely, it’s an area you must go to!

1. Local’s hospitality

The locals are warm and friendly. They will do their best to assist you and answer any questions there are any. Do not be afraid to ask assistance! They’re more than happy to inform you about what to look for and how to plan your vacation! The majority of Romanians are fluent in English and are especially young generation. Even those who do not speak English will do their best to assist.

A Romanian will always be there to welcome you into his home and to serve you his delicious food.

It is not long before you become friends and you will be able to talk like you’ve been friends for a long period of time.

2. Traditional and delicious food that is tasty

Food is an essential aspect to consider when traveling and is one of the primary reasons to go to Transylvania. A taste of traditional cuisine is essential during your travels. Yes! If you’re prone to having an upset stomach or similar, you should be aware of what you eat when you travel. However, if you don’t, there’s no reason to worry! Trust me! The food in Transylvania is delicious! It’s very delicious and diverse! I suggest you take a look at all the local cuisines accessible which includes meals, soups and desserts.

For Romanians their traditional meals comprises three meals: dish of soup and a main meal and dessert. Therefore, be ready to eat plenty!

Tripe soup (“ciorba de burta”), “Sarmale”, “Papanasi” is a great example of a classic food. It is also possible to try the polenta dish with cheese, stew of pork and pork chops served with beans.

3. Beautiful landscapes

Other reasons to travel to Transylvania are stunning scenery as well as wildlife and wild nature. small villages hidden among mountains, and homes built in the traditional style that are hidden by the dense vegetation, with a tiny church perched atop a hill can be found nearly all over Transylvania.

Wine plantations and fog-filled hills are home to wildlife. Rabbits, foxes and bears are a few of the wild animals living in the forest of the past from the region.

A relaxing and deep ease surrounds your body!

A misty, hazy air blankets the wild nature! It’s all stunning!

4. Medieval castles

Transylvania is a city that is rich in the past. Archeological excavations have revealed this. Some castles, there were ruins, but others were reclaimed and, step by step, they restored their former glamour and recognition.
Bran Castle Jidvei Castle, Corvin Castle Peles Castle, Jidvei Castle, Bran Castle are all good reasons to go to Transylvania.

These are the most renowned and well-preserved castles in Transylvania.

Certain castles are accessible to the public like Bran, Corvin and Peles while others are accessible during certain events , such as Jidvei Castle.

Bran castle is among the most visited sites due to its story is tied to Dracula.

When you go there, you get the chance to learn about what and where Dracula lived.

5. Fortified churches

The history of religion and the past are interwoven in Romania. Churches were surrounded by high and thick walls that defend the inhabitants from attackers. Turkish, Hungarians and others attempt to take over Transylvania region. Locals seek refuge within fortified chapels.

Fortified churches played an significant part in Romanian history , and are a part of the

motives to travel to Transylvania. The majority of these churches are part of UNESCO World Heritage. I would suggest Prejmer, Saschiz and Calnic as among the most iconic items from the region. Harman as well as Cisnadie Fortified Churches are also stunning and well-preserved.

The hospitality, the beautiful landscape medieval castles and delicious food are only a few aspects that make my trip to Transylvania. It was a wonderful, peaceful and wonderful vacation! I’d love to go back!

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