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Why Use a Morocco Tour Guide?

When you’re doing your research on your travel plans to Morocco You may come across these terms “tour guide to Morocco” as well as “private driver from Morocco” employed in conjunction. But the reality is that in Morocco guidebooks and private chauffeurs have distinct roles that are separate from one another and is enforced through Morocco’s Moroccan government. This is the reason that private drivers are not legally able to guide tourists through the medinas and the popular tourist attractions of Morocco as it is the job of an official tourist guide who is in Morocco.

It is possible to ask how this process is actually being monitored.

In towns across Morocco there are numerous tourist brigade office locations, usually situated in close proximity to the medina or within it and undercover officers that patrol the medina. They are the Moroccan tourist brigade cares for the safety and security of visitors in Morocco and trying to ensure that tourists have pleasant experiences during their stay in Morocco. Undercover officers are acquainted with licensed and official Morocco tour guides within their local area. If they suspect somebody is operating as an illegal guide or “faux guide” (this is French meaning “false ou fake guide”) They will arrest them and ask for their credentials.

To determine if the private driver in Morocco has the right for travel alongside tourists frequent police checkpoints on the roads across the country. The police or the gendarme, according to the area of jurisdiction, will check that driver is carrying the proper paperwork before permitting the vehicle to continue in its journey.

What is it that it means to be a licensed guide or an official guide for tours in Morocco?

The Moroccan government’s Ministry of Tourism certifies and maintains a database of every and every licensed and official tour guide licensed in Morocco. There are two kinds of guides available in Morocco two types: nature guides and city/tour guides. To facilitate this post, we’ll concentrate on the history behind an urban travel guide from Morocco.

The primary requirement to become an authorized tour guide for Morocco must be that the person must be an Moroccan citizen. That means that foreigners (even non-residents of other countries) are not permitted to guide tourists in Morocco are not permitted to act as an official tour guide in Morocco regardless of whether they are employed in the riad or hotel or if they rent out Airbnb accommodation in Morocco.

The next step is to demonstrate that he/she has completed relevant studies to tourism, and/or has “hands-on” experiences by submitting letters of recommendation. Candidates are typically had to take an exam that is written on diverse topics in tourism. Because that the Ministry of Tourism expects that the role of a tour guide or city guide in Morocco will serve as an ambassador for culture The person is required to be proficient in a variety of areas including architecture, geography, history, Moroccan culture and history and socio-economic aspects in Morocco Wow!

Additionally, a licensed tour guide who is licensed in Morocco is required to possess the ability to speak the language of another country in which they will guide tours in Morocco and must pass an examination of the spoken word to prove his or her proficiency in the language.

Because the officially licensed Moroccan tour guide has been considered as a cultural ambassador for Morocco and the country, it’s typical that they wears traditional Moroccan attire when working, for example the jellaba worn by men and ladies, or even a dress that is decorated with Moroccan fashion.

Do private chauffeurs from Morocco have any certifications?

Yes, professionally-licensed private drivers in Morocco do have to go through certain procedures to be in compliance with Moroccan tourism transport regulations.

One cannot simply choose to become an individual driver in MoroccoThere isn’t Uber nor Lyft to share rides. They must be associated with an agency for tourism that is legally registered in Morocco.

Every driver who is a private driver in Morocco must be registered as an “carte professional” (“professional card”) by the chamber of commerce. Additionally, they are required to have their eyes checked on a regular basis regardless of whether they wear eye glasses or not.

In addition, the automobiles used in private transport in Morocco are not allowed to be older than five years and must be checked every six months. They also must have insurance coverage that is specific to the tourism category.

Private transport vehicles used that are used for tourism also need to carry certain equipment for the security of the passengers, including an extinguisher to put out fires or reflective vest and danger warning triangles and an emergency first-aid kit that includes certain items that have expiration dates can be checked at random police checkpoints.

Also, anytime an individual driver in Morocco travels with tourists the manifest or list of passengers is required to be completed by the private transportation firm.

Do you really require an expert tour guide in Morocco even if you’ve already reserved a private driver in Morocco?

We do our best to create the assumption that the driver who is a private one in Morocco can’t “act” as the role of a Morocco tour guide after entering the medina, or in historical places so that our guests don’t get confused about the reason they might need to travel on their own. For all purposes, our drivers who speak English are fantastic “hosts” who will stay there for you throughout your tour. This will ensure continuity and comfort during your private tour through Morocco and makes it a more enjoyable excursion.

In the event that your hotel is within the medinasarea, your driver will make a call to the hotel or riad in order to make sure that there is someone available to assist you in assisting with your luggage, if needed or help you find local porters.

If you’re looking for traditional Moroccan cuisine from restaurants within the medinaarea, it could be possible for your riad or restaurant to supply an accompanying porter.

Which destinations in Morocco are better to tour with an experienced guide from a local Morocco travel guide?

There are some places we highly recommend hiring guides from the area. Morocco tour guides. These include:

The medina in Fes
Medinas in Marrakech
the Roman ruins of Rome at Volubilis.

A private guided tour of the medina in Fes and/or the medina in Marrakech using an authorized tour guide for Morocco will provide assistance with exploring the labyrinths of these medinas. This is a far more enjoyable and comfortable experience rather than exploring by yourself.

The medina in Fes is said as being the biggest pedestrian-only area in the world. it’s medina in Marrakech can’t be far off. it’s nearly impossible to not get wandering around in the medina when you don’t have an experienced Morocco tour guide on your side. Hire a trustworthy Morocco tour guide to wander around the medina guarantees that you’ll be free of the hassle of the “faux tour guide” or persistent shopkeepers.

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The Roman remains of Volubilis is yet another must-see historical site in Morocco that can be visited with an experienced local expert in Morocco. There’s not a lot of information about the history or ruins of Volublis and your Morocco guide will make the UNESCO World Heritage site come to life!

Other locations in Morocco might be simpler to discover by yourself, but the benefits of booking an experienced local (and authentic!) tourist guide to Morocco is that you will learn about the an understanding of the cultural and historical significance of each site, in addition to being able to meet locals.

Our business model is aware that the private chauffeurs who are located in Morocco which “run the show” throughout the trip. We accept that it’s the performance of our drivers that ultimately determines the effectiveness of the trip regardless of the communications prior to the tour or how well planned the private tour in Morocco may be.

They are all proud of the country they live in. nation and enjoy sharing their knowledge with tourists. They are friendly, outgoing and professional. They have excellent conversations in English and other languages. Our drivers are highly experienced and have impeccable safety track records. When it comes to booking a travel guide for Morocco We only use certified official Morocco guidebooks.

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